My last adventure : In the wonderful mountains of djudjra

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Original source : @lenouar hakim

It was a wonderful mountainous area in North Africa, and exactly in Algeria, our trip was on 1 January 2018, I had heard a lot about this area, but I had never had the opportunity to visit it.

I chose this date to make my journey because it was a happy day and I was optimistic that my trip would be fun and special and it was a new year..!!!

We spent long hours on the bus, especially through the rugged and mountainous mountain passes. I was eager to get to the top of a population village in " the Djurdjura mountain" range, where the Amazightes peoples they lived .

Our journey was filled with wonderful surprises through the beautiful scenery we passed from the valleys and mountains and the greenness of nature It was a beautiful day already The sun was clear and the blue of the sky was clearly reflected to us...

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Finally we arrived at the amazing village of "Tefredoudun" !!!!!, the people of the region welcomed us warmly and dressed in traditional's was really a "great welcom " ...!!!

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Then we toured the center of the village and passed through several historical landmarks, perhaps the most prominent of which were the historical inscriptions of one of the most famous historical kings of the Berber "Msepsa" the son of the king "massinisa" the best famous king and warrior in north africain history ,he was born in this regeon , who preferred to take commemorative pictures with his engraving....

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

The main attraction of this village is its purity, its narrow streets of traditional architectural style, the inscription on the walls and the existence of writings in the old Berber language.

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

then We have also passed the statue of the famous Algerian writer "Kateb Yassin", who is one of the greatest contemporary Algerian writers so that his roots from this village
The last thing I saw was possible.

Original source : @lenouar hakim

What I liked most about the village was the view from the highest peak in the village of "the mountains of Djurdjura", which was the most beautiful village.

Original source : @lenouar hakim

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Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

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Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Original source : @lenouar hakim

Finally, after eating the traditional dish "The couscous dish" of the region name , which was named "masfouf" after us, we parted and combacked at home after telling goodbye to people of the region after taking a collective memorial photo...

Original source : @lenouar hakim

And we returned home.... and we are in a state of happiness, personally in the way back I was recalling in my mind the beautiful moments we had spent in that amazing place...

Original source : @lenouar hakim

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Ah such a good adventure brother,well done, i like your post and i follow,I suggest u next time welcome to Tunisia in my country is close to there and its your too

Yes, I plan to come there
And capturing the most beautiful and strangest images will be really an enjoyable adventure
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I also like traveling. Glad to see it :)

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This looks like such a fun adventure! Seems like the perfect mixture of history and exploration. Your post made it easy to imagine being transported to this place with you on your journey.

Yes, I had the choice between places to visit and I was chosen for this place because it combines the charm of nature with the archaeological places of many historical periods.

Thanks for sharing your experience in mountains of djudjra! What was the average temperature there? ;) I followed you

you welcom my freind, i'am lucky becaus it was sunny the day when i had gone there , was around "4 or 5 degrees"

Those mountains on the second photo look amazing for a trip, what's the altitude of the village?

average 3 thousands miles

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Nice for sharing this. I have never heard of the old Berber language. Very interesting.

you should to look about it .....They really have a community of ancient roots as they have traces dating back to the prehistoric era

I'm jealous. Haha

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Great experience!!! what will your next trip be?

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I actually went to Colombia in December for the entire month. The mountain views are amazing. I visited coffee farms and tours around Medellin. It was amazing. I have some pictures on my profile if you want to take a look. Great place to visit.

Great journey. I enjoyed it as I was reading your post. I felt you also brought me in your destination through your photos.
Traveling is like a success in life, you have to go through trials first before you get what you want. Like what happened to you, you went through struggled ways and mountains and after that everything is paid off when you finally see and visit the amazing place you wanted.
I am sure you had fun with this travel. Have a good one. Cheers :)

Thank you my friend It is true that similar flights are arduous but really are very fun and allow you to discover new things and gain more experience in life

view of the eye-catching. rarely found in any place. you the lucky ones can to get there. nice post you