Hilton Head, South Carolina - The Ohio Strategy

in #travel4 years ago


I'm visiting Hilton Head and in all of the shops I went in I saw Ohio Stickers. I asked one of the sales clerks why Ohio stickers were in all of the shops. She said that there are many theories as to why Hilton Head is such a popular spot for Ohioians. She said to do a Google search because there are even conspiracy theories. Of course I'm from Ohio, but I was not aware until tonight that it was such a popular destination for us Ohioians. This was the only state being represented in the stores I visited.

Linked below is one explanation as to why so many of us visit the town of Hilton Head.

"The Ohio Strategy."

I just thought I would share this because I found it really interesting and I've never been to a town outside of Ohio that sold just Ohio stickers.

I plan on posting more Ohio stories in the future. I think it would make a great tag and topic!


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South Carolina looks beautiful! I spent a couple months in Savannah, Georgia but was unable to make it to Hilton Head unfortunately

I love Savannah! My wife wants us to drive a day to spend there because it is only 2 hours away from here and we loved it so much. The only thing I did not like about Hilton head was crossing the bridge to the island. The traffic was awful, but we did choose the busiest week of the year and at the time everyone else was crossing. I just don't want to cross to go to Savannah and get stuck again coming back.

The Ohio Strategy - sounds like it could have been a Ludlum novel.

lol, it could definitely make for a political thriller with the importance of Ohio in the presidential elections.

Wow, that's interesting! I am from New Jersey/Delaware and have been to Hilton Head many times. I also had no idea it was so popular with Ohioans or that there was an Ohio conspiracy. I will have to look into this. Definitely sounds like it has roots in the highest levels of government.

Ps. I also love Savannah.

We typically go to Fenwick Island every year for vacation. One time we took the Ferry to Jersey.

It's funny how they have Ohio stickers lol

I agree. I wasn't expecting that.