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in travel •  last year

I spent an amazing 10 days in Italy.

I spent a brief 12 hours in Rome, a week in a castle in Petritoli and another week in Bologna. It was amazing and SO much bread! I can't wait to go back! I have about a million shots of the Colosseum. I had an amazing Uber driver who gave us the history as we drove from point A to point B.

My friend and I hopped on a Tour Bus and that was completely worth it. If you only have a few hours in any city in the world, then I highly recommend doing a tour. It gives you a really informative, yet quick glimpse into the history of that city. I love doing bus tours in every city.

Enjoy the Colosseum

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I was there two years ago. In my opinion, on picture the Coloseum looks better than on live. But maybe the faults was too much the tourists