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The video below is of my son on top of Huayna Picchu. That is the tall mountain you see in the iconic photos of Machu Picchu.
There is a trail that you can climb that leads to the top. At times it can be a bit precarious. He's not much for heights. Me, I'm a contractor. I'm up on roofs all the time. Heights don't bother me that much. At the time they allowed 400 people up the trail per day. There is a log book where you sign in and out with name, age, and passport info. I glanced through the book signers for our day. I was the second oldest. It felt good to be old that day.

huayna picchu.jpgThis is the trail. It's like climbing a ladder for an hour.

This is my son near the top

Not his best moment but he survived.

enjoy the journey not just the destination


Very impressive!

Great post. I definitely need to visit there sometime. Re-esteemed!!

thank you

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