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Airchina Business Class

Asian Carriers are usually really good. Singapore Air, ANA, JAL, Korean Air, Cathay and Asiana etc. but even Chinese carries have new airplanes with modern seats these days. I was excited to test out my Airchina flight to Asia...

New full flat seats

airchina (1)

airchina (2)

airchina (3)

airchina (4)

Nice Amenity Kit

airchina (5)

Better than expected

Usually I avoid flying with Chinese Airlines. My previous expierience have been soso... The flight was much better than expected. The airplane was brand new and the seats were new too. They had slippers and a great amenity kit. The food was bad, but I did expect that and had eaten in the lounge. There was no incident as my friend told me about his flight, a Chinese guy spit on the floor next to him. I only paid 1105 Euro for this return business class flight, so I can't complain at all

What's your expirience flying with Airchina ???

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Smooth looking setup in biz class @knozaki2015. Always a good thing when a flight is better than expected, that surely beats the alternative :)


well. even airchina is better than flyng economy on a premium carrier ;)


Economy class just doesn't have the desired effect. Props to Air China for not doing as horrible as everybody says. That guy spitting on the floor must've thought otherwise LOL


well my firends hate airchina now ;) haha


LOL, i bet they do.

Seems like it has good leg room. Good leg room = Comfortable flight :D


yeah. true. i dont caree too much about the food. usually i eat in the lounge ;)


yeah, usually the food in the planes sucks.

Flying business class is truly amazing, I remember getting upgraded a couple times back in the day when I used to fly allot. Great post!


thank you. the problem is, once you fly business you cant/ won't fly eco again. so long time ago I started collecting miles, SWUs , status and other tools to never fly Economy on long haul again