Never travel thru Chicago in winter

in travel •  4 months ago 

I had learned this lessions before, travelling on a plane via Chicago is simply not a good idea during Winter months. Chances of cancellation are high and frequent.

I have been reminded again today. Was traveling to Steambot, CO on a short ski trip.


Luckily I was able to find another flight to Denver whoch is only 2-3h away and will be able to take a car to Steamboat.

That was close.

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Sounds like a hassle, sorry to hear about it.

Love Steamboat! Have a good time.

If you ever get stuck in Chicago let me know and we can hit up the poker room together.


Never been there. Look forward to it. Hope my old legs will still carry me.

Many people faces the same problem while travelling from Chicago

Thank you for let us know!

Familiar message - planes are not reliable during winter times in NE areas. Glad that you found an alternative!

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Das erinnert mich an den Film " Ein Ticket für Zwei"... Ich dachte, das wäre nur inzidiert, aber in diesem Fall ist es wirklich so- verrückt.... Hab den Streifen oft hoch und runter geschaut.....schier undenklich male, ein super Kracher

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