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6days ago, I embarked on a journey to Lagos.
I had a week's leave from work but instead of just staying at home, i opted to spend the period at a training in Lagos which lasted for 5days. I wanted to have a full experience of the journey, so I traveled by road. It takes about 9 to 10 hours drive from port Harcourt to Lagos, even less if you move faster.
The fun started from the reddish land of BeninIMG_20180603_173323.jpgto the riverine area of DeltaIMG_20180602_151720.jpg to the rocky lands of Ondo stateIMG_20180602_095252.jpg
Traveling on road is the best method of having a close feel to nature. During my busy schedules, I found out time to have fun with friends, we worked together, had fun together, and ate together.

I got to admit, this guy is better than me under water, look at how fast he is

Lagos is a place to visit if you've not been there, especially the capital, ikeja. The development is astonishing, and there's so much to exploit and explore.
I had been on holidays to Lagos before, but this particular one, I didn't want it to end.

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