VLOG "Our perfect place in Lisbon"

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

We moved to Lisbon in November 2018. Today is my first video for my vlog "Our life as expats in Lisbon"
Please ask me questions if you want ;). Sorry that the video is a bit shaky

▶️ DTube

nice video! I'll follow your vlog ;)

Thank you!

Good thing you have a youtube channel cause dtube takes forever to watch videos on! Currently im trying to watch a 20 min video im featured on but its been one hour

Sorry, I didn't get what you mean exactly. Is it slow website? ;(

Dtube is really slow where i am. Maybe my isp throttles

I don't know, here it works just fine, fast as youtube, even better lol

Hey, my name is M3, and I'm giving you an upvote, and a subscribe. Me and my community of followers are trying to kill YouTube, and make DTube bigger and better than any other video site. YouTube doesn't reward creators like they deserve, so we're all helping each other out. Anyway, keep going! What we're doing really is the way of the future.``

Thank you so much! I agree with you' cuz I also have a channel on You tube! I followed you!

Lisabon is really nice. Try out Faro as well. That's the best one out of Portugal! :))

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Thank you so much for suggesting! I will try !😁

That's a really beautiful place...

Yeah, quite with a really nice view

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Thank you for sharing with me! 😍😍

wow! I'm in love. It's beautiful!!!

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it!

Hi there!! Hope you enjoy living in Lisbon! if your are thinking in visit Cascais see my post about it and visit the places I mention!! Thanks and following you! :)))

Thank you so much . I will check your post and follow you!

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