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If you choose three large trade ports north of Chile's capital, Santiago.

'Valpariso, Antofagasta, Iquique' could be considered.

In particular, 'Valpariso' has a distance advantage that it is closest to the capital, so it may be a very important location.

So or not

The Navy is using the port together to the left of the trade port ,

You can see the warship standing on the other side of the container .

These days, it is very noisy because of the installation of a naval base in Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island ...

It is questionable whether it is necessary to build only in the area until it destroys the natural environment

At least just Valparaiso

If nature and terms can only be harmonized,

It is a place that makes you think that if you mix it up better, you might be able to reborn it as a cool place .


Harbor front

Perhaps this is the neighborhood where the working families and the poor lived.

In such a town, it was reborn as a wonderful tourist area with colors!

It was a view that reminded me of a town in Korea's 'Tongyeong'.

I've been timing for a moment

This is because it became a village like a fairy tale box when viewed from a distance when the sunlight shines .


I wonder how 'Why aren't the lines short?'

You can tell immediately by riding the trailer.

'Because there are only about 7 people in that big car, I can't.

Still happy people!


I stood still in line,

After a long time, rather than asking whether they are 'Chinese or Japanese', a Chilean man talks about 'Korean'.

Since he is a Korean, he shakes hands so much that he is happy to say that he likes Korean because he is working at a Korean company .

In the area of ​​'Angamos', about an hour away from Valparaiso

He said he worked for 'POSCO', which is building a 'coal-fired power plant' .



'Valparaiso' view from the top while talking and looking up

If you started building a house from below, the houses would have been built to a higher place by the growing population.


Tin houses that melt and burn down by rainwater and show the style of the years!


When I go down, I do n’t ride the trailer,

I went down watching the ease.





Most of the nice buildings seem to be government agencies.

In particular , it seems that the building was a navy building ...


Sitting in the bar to drink a draft beer in the heat

When I greeted the people who drank inside and said 'Hola', they responded immediately.

Chino? Haha? Correa? Then let's drink together !!!

They immediately ordered one more feature and followed them!


I heard that a Korean came here yesterday, and I like it for two consecutive days.

At first, I wondered if a Korean tourist had come ..

These were women's bar pimps and waiters.


Three women came running cold because they called!

In particular, she said how to dance and shudder ...

If you don't, you will dance tango amongst others.

Oh I'm not kidding.

I had fun playing for about 2 hours, and there was work, so I said I was going first.

But 'Spanish' is good? 'Let's play with two hours of laughter?'

It's better if it works

Just throwing this and that, and if it doesn't work
If you speak Korean with your body and expression, just play. ^^

gain, in front of the bus stop

Anyone caught one person who seemed kinder,

Show a map and point your finger at the map and bus.

'I want to take the bus, but I want you to know.'

The good 'Chilein' who caught the bus after waiting 15 minutes


ecause it's a bus at work

Everyone's tired faces are powerful.

Thanks to you , I go to sleep .

'What do you do when you cross the street?'

I've already told the person sitting next to me, 'Please let me know where I'm getting off', so I'll tell you like an alarm clock.

Because it's night anyway, I do n't know if I open my eyes and I do n't know if I close my eyes .

'What about thieves?'

If you are too shameful, sometimes thieves are embarrassed and can't do anything.

Like hyenas can't touch the sleepy lion's nose ...

In fact, if you just eat your heart to steal it, you can take it with your eyes open

I think it might be better to melt into the environment just like a local, rather than rush around like a tourist .

It is 120 km from the capital of Santiago.

The bus terminal is located halfway between Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.

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