Chile isited the world's largest copper mine Chuquicamata

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Chile has the world's largest open-air copper mine, Chuquicamats.

It is 4,000m long, 2,000m wide, and 630m deep. It was developed in 1882 and is an open-air mine developed by blasting mountains.

Among several routes from Chile to Bolivia, if you pass the city of'Calama', you can go to the Chukkamata mine.

Since I was far from the coastal route I passed, I chose another open-air mine as a surrogate satisfaction.

Since it is an open pit mine that cannot be seen in Korea, it is expected that it will be similar in size.


It is a mine located at the top of a mountain about two hours away, 50 km


I arrived wondering what it would look like,

There are really limestone hills on the top of the mountain.


It's a mountain in a desert area with little rain

Lime dust is blowing loosely, and white dust is spread all over the road.

From the top of the mountain

You can see a horizontal line.


Not building a house around the mine,

I just built a house on a limestone mass

It seems to be relaxing after spreading around the road.


I am not developing anymore.

Breaking the expectation that the cars are moving without mind

He was just the one with the silence.





'Is it a city where I can live?'
If there is an unavoidable life to be given and you have to live, where else can you live in the world?

But.....if given the option

Wouldn't it be a good place to step back again?

Than where it stopped

On the contrary, the noisy vigor of the traditional market is better... not so long!


A place where a lot of people

I turned back again.

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