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'Trip?' After all , I think it 's a meeting with people .

No matter where you move, there are so many ties going through your collar.

It's too much to be able to put that good opportunity into language problems.

Anyway , most of the language is done in non-verbal language .

Isn't there a reason not to be able to communicate without being conscious of mouth?

Besides, when you arrive on another continent,

No matter how much I wear local clothes,

Even if it is a very indifferent people.

Eventually someone is looking at me.

Even if I squinted...

What a great opportunity!

You're looking at me, so I just need to react!

'Slightly lifted mouth' and'Happy

Just like that , I want to talk to you with all my heart.

Sometimes , raise your hands " is " hello " as haejugo speak in Korean it said.

Anyway,'Spanish' is a native language, so I can't speak English.

Sometimes I just speak Korean because I don't know English or Korean .

I would rather say

This is because the emotions are filled and it seems to work better.

I just laugh, talk, and be with them like that,

The people I met want to give me so much.

Even if it's a small meal, I want to be together...

Wherever human history goes

'Did you eat?','Are you hungry?'

After a few words,

Isn't that the first question to ask?

The hanger's belly was hungry for any moment, anytime,

Honestly,'I'm hungry' and just stroking the boat is enough.

Just like that, today, they eat, laugh, and share their happiness.

I handed them a'Korean souvenir'

They said that their job was a'crystal craftsman' and they gave me a crystal gem as a gift!

When the bus was delayed for an hour and was trying to get bored

The'Rorio' family brought little happiness


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