My trip to Scotland

in #travel4 years ago

Hello everyone here's a series of pictures I took while traveling to Scotland we set off at 5am it was 409 miles away the journey time said just under 7 hour's this was our first stop off InShot_20200219_114735700.jpg

We didn't stop off for to long I just wanted to get there InShot_20200219_114815774.jpg

Here's a picture I took of some beautiful trees while we was at the first stop off that's it for this part but believe me I got some amazing pictures along the way InShot_20200219_114841068.jpg

Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope that you liked it if you did why not check out my other posts like this post I post original content on a daily basis all pictures taken by me @kgakakillerg big thanks to everyone who has supported me on my journey on steemit I really appreciate every single one of you

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