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Glasgow is the third largest city in the United Kingdom and the people who live there are referred to as "Glaswegians" or "Weegies". It also the largest city in Scotland which is part of the United Kingdom.

There are several amazing sites and things to do while you are in Glasgow;

Riverside Museum,
Glasgow Botanic Gardens,
Gallery of Modern Art,
Glasgow Cathedral,
Glasgow Necropolis,
Kelvingrove Park,
George Square,
Glasgow Green, and so much more.....

see pictures

P1010182.JPG when the Olympics came to Glasgow George square


P1000338.JPG A night event at Glasgow Green.

Glasgow has some of the most renowned tertiary institutions like the University of Glasgow,

The University of Strathclyde,
Glasgow Caledonian University,
Stow College,
City of Glasgow College
Glasgow School of Arts and so many other distinguished places of learning.


P1000961.JPG George square at night...

P1000634.JPG City of Glasgow College


Glasgow is a very safe city with low crime rate and the night life is amazing, with lots of pubs and restaurants.


Royal Theatre in Glasgow city Center

Glasgow is definitely a nice city to visit and experience the culture of its amazing people.

Thanks and Cheers!

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The roller coaster thing looks like the one in my small city, Luebeck, Deutschland :D..... I have alwys skipped the part of roller coasters when I visit the christmas market. hehehehee :D

oh wow, nice, i bet your small city is amazing as well

Nice piece... Glasgow is definitely a place to be.
The pictures says it all. Earns a resteem!

Now i feel like paying a visit
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you should....haha

Wow.. With such information about glascow, I am starting to pick a major interest in knowing more and visiting

its worth a visit alright...

Nice city but the weather is cold

yes! its quite cold but also very nice during the summer, with great events to attend. its definitely worth a visit...