Follow Me As I Travel To Chengdu, Sichuan!

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Took a trip to Chengdu, Sichuan a few weeks ago and I documented most of it in this travel vlog. I had a meeting to attend for the program I teach at my high school. I have always wanted to go to visit Sichuan province but never felt like paying for the travel expenses to go all the way there as it is quite far from my city: Qinhuangdao.


This was my chance! In this video, I will show you my journey from Qinhuangdao to Chengdu and arriving at the hotel.

Chengdu is a nice city. On my way to the hotel, I only took a couple pictures of the city and night scene. I'll be sure to upload more in the future because I have a bunch of footage of this city. For now, this is just my journey from Qinhuangdao to Chengdu. More to come!

More Chengdu videos to come! This is just the beginning!

MeiPai: @柯南QHD
Weibo: @柯南QHD


amazing pictures, have a great day!

Thank you very much!

Great post, loving the huge bonsai tree!

Thank you! It looks great, doesn't it?!

It does, it's difficult to keep a bonsai tree alive in Arizona otherwise I would hoard on bonsai trees haha

amazing view... have some great time

Nice pictures ... nice city

best wishes

Wow, I never really read and trip report nor did I seek any more information about this place. Looks really amazing - very chill and pleasant vibe, but yet you can feel the kind of bigger city mentality as well - seems like a perfect place for me to be honest. Nice vlog, thanks a lot for sharing it with us - I will definitely visit this place, hopefully even manage to live here for a couple of months :P

Right on! Chengdu is really laid back but super awesome. I wouldn't mind living there.

amazing photos!

Cheng Du is one of food bucket list to visit! The Sichuan food there is a bomb!! I would travel their specifically just for food despite the will to see the tiny cutie pandas <3

If you're a travel fan too, check me out at @explorernations and I've just publish an article about JW Marriott at Khao Lak, Phuket.

Yes. Sichuan food is awesome. I loved it! Got a whole bunch of footage of pandas too!

Looks nice indeed. I may have go there next year.

Yeah you should. I really enjoyed my time there.

this is good spot :))

Indeed it is!

Excellent post! Hoping to make great travel blogs like yours. Keep it up, dude! Thanks for sharing this. :)

Thanks my friend. Just get started and keep finding ways to improve from last time!

Your vlog is cool, but that big Bonsai tree is amazing. :)

Thanks for viewing :)
I thought it was cool too. Nice thing to have on the road.

hello @kenanqhd

Hey fam... i enjoyed your vlog. I am happy this post got the curation and its on trending. I hope there will be more visibility.





I am following. Can't wait for the next stage.

Stay tuned :)

Never stop learning!! Have you learn something today? Never stop learning!! Have you learn something today? Nice pic

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