Part 1: Tourism: Introducing Travel Technology

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The term above could be known As tourism technology and hospitality automation . This is the application of Information Technology (IT) in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. One form of travel technology which we are all conversant with is flight tracking.
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Travel means Locomotion.

Travel technology was originally associated with the COMPUTER RESERVATIONS SYSTEM (CRS) of the airlines industry, but now is used more inclusively to represent a much broader range of applications, in fact, increasingly so. Travel technology includes virtual tourism in the form of virtual tour technologies.


This may also be referred to as E-TRAVEL / E-TOURISM. Lets take the point of view from a different perspective, travel technology is increasingly being used to describe systems for managing and monitoring travel, including travel tracking and flight tracking systems.


Travel technology includes many processes such as dynamic packaging which provide useful new options for consumers. Recent studies have it that the tour guide these days can be a GPS tour guide & the guidebook could be an audioguide, podguide or I-Tours, such as City audio guides.

The biometric passport may also be included as travel technology in the broad sense. XML-based technologies have become increasingly important for the travel industry.

XML has been adopted for the use of supporting air reservation bookings or to implement optional services and merchandising functions in the booking process.

Another important application of XML is the establishing of direct connections between airlines and travel agencies.

When strings were pulled to create a generally accepted XML-standard, the Open Axis Group was founded.

To be continued.....

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Strong technology, but I think it will be like Google maps, but let's see what you've got..