Island Lifeee!! <3

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Coming from the go, go, GO life in Toronto... to the slow pace to the "it will get done when it gets done"... where time isn't an concept in Barbados, has been quite the adjustment. I must say though, its quite refreshing to be more relaxed, less stressed about deadlines and appointments and rushing to get across the city. I have fallen in love, if you ever have the chance to live on an island you MUST do it!!

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Welcome to Steemit @katrinalebar. Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the time in here. Followed and waiting to explore your wonderful contents. Best wishes.

Thank you, i appreciate it :)

Hello girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I want to put the lime in the coconut. I like that song. I love your photos. You're lovely and talented with the gymnastics. I'm from Oregon and have not been to Toronto but have been to Quebec which was interesting. I like Canada and Vince Carter and Michael J. Fox for sure.

Thank you i really appreciate it. haha definitely a good song while living on an island! Definitely check out Toronto in the summer, its a great city!

Haha if you get the opportunity, TAKE IT! Thanks :)

This looks amazing, good for you! Its my dream to live on an island someday...

Wow, what a beautiful and relaxing place.

It is such a nice island, definitely take a trip to it!

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