Fortress Shlisselburg (Fortress Oreshek). Neighborhoods of St. Petersburg.

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Shlisselburg Fortress is an ancient Russian fortress on the Nut Island in the source of the Neva River, opposite the town of Shlisselburg in the Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) Region. Founded in 1323, from 1612 to 1702 belonged to the Swedes.

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Fortress Oreshek received its name from the eponymous island on which it is built. The fortress was founded by the grandson of Alexander Nevsky - Prince Yuri Danilovich. The fortress was part of the Novgorod Republic from 1323 to 1478.
In the 15th century, after the Novgorod Republic was subordinated to the Moscow Principality, the fortress was completely rebuilt and became the first multi-tower construction in the north of Russia. From 1478 until 1612 the fortress of Oreshek (Shlisselburg) was part of the Moscow principality.
In September 1611, Swedish troops led by Delagardi besieged the fortress, and after a nine-month siege, in May 1612, the fortress was taken by the sea. Of the 1,300 defenders of the fortress, about 100 remained alive.
During the Northern War, the Russian army under the command of Boris Sheremetev September 27 (October 8), 1702 besieged the fortress. On October 11 (22), 1702, after a prolonged bombardment, the Russian troops went on an assault lasting 13 hours and won. In the siege Peter I personally took part in the post of the bombardier captain.

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The storm of swedish fortress Noteburg, Shlisselburg (Fortress Oreshek) in October, 1702, by russian troops. The russian tsar Peter I is shown in the center. Painting of the Russian painter Alexander Kotzebue.

Since the beginning of the 18th century, the fortress has been used as a political prison. Among the prisoners of the prison are dozens and hundreds of the most famous people of our time.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945 the fortress was badly damaged and destroyed.

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In the fortress of Oreshek there are always many tourists and lovers of antiquity on an excursion. If you are lucky enough to visit St. Petersburg, Russia, try to visit this ancient fortress in the source of the Neva River.

Welcome to Oreshek Fortress (Shlisselburg).

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