Tahoe Acro Flow with @acromott!

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One of my favorite spots in California is Tahoe lake. Sometimes it is so refreshing to get out of the city and go explore nature. During my California road trip to Tahoe with @acromott and @teamsteem, we stopped by King's beach!


The water from Lake Tahoe comes from the runoff from the mountains that occurs when the snow melts each spring. It is one of the cleanest lakes I have ever visited. When you look down at your feet, the water is crystal clear. It is also icy cold, so it's hard to be in the water for a long length of time.


Of course @acromott and I had to goof around and do some acroyoga! Here we are in a move called camel!


We even made a fun acro flow next to the lake for you to enjoy! I hope you enjoy the views and fun moves we came up with!

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You guys never cease to amaze. The whole crew is coming to dtube 😀 nice.

Maybe ;)

It's ok...I know 😀

Very impressive poses. I believe that requires quite a lot of strength on both parts.

Thank you! Acroyoga is a great workout!

How long did it take the two of you to accomplish these poses?

Aside from needing a good amount of strength and control, the coordination that goes into this is quite tremendous.

I’ve been doing acroyoga for 2 years, and Acromott has been in acroyoga for 5 years!

Most impressive. The results definitively speak for themselves.

I love Tahoe! I have to get bet there soon:)

Ohh yes!!! You should! :)

This is my dream to do with my boyfriend. But I'm too heavy lol. I use to watch Briohny Smyth a lot. You look professional. How long have you been doing it?

Aww! You would be surprised! I can base @acromott! A lot of it is about knowing how to stack your bones.

you two are crazy good, sometimes I can't figure out how you don't fall :D That's teamwork....

Hi Karen, you lovely lady! Long time no see :D <3 Hope you're having a good day.. I know you have haha :D

Much love ;)

Awww! Thank you! Have you been doing acroyoga? :)

I was only one more time in the class, but I did some slacking and climbing, but only a bit :)... My two jobs started and my time is gone until the summer is over -.-

very nice balence.