❤️Meeting up with @joythewanderer,@roxanne, and @teamsteem! ❤️

in travel •  5 months ago

While in Belgium, I got to meet up with @joythewanderer, @roxanne, and @teamsteem. This was our first time hanging out with @joythewanderer in Bruges. It is always amazing hanging out with other Steemanians from all over the world.


@joythewanderer was so sweet and even brought us Belgium chocolates! Look how pretty they are!


Watch our @dtube video to see how our adventure went.


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I bet that was absolutely cool

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wow such a nice picture all of looking so beauty full all one looking so cool and injoybal moment. great dear

Nice i like it and thank you to share with us

What a very beautiful city Bruges is! Love the video with all you guys having fun, lol. I hope to visit there sometime soon. :)