The Purple Shore Crab

in #travel3 years ago (edited)


(Hemigrapsus sp.)
These little guys can be found under rocks on the Washington beaches. We saw these on the Puget Sound shores near Seattle Washington USA .


They range in size from smaller than a marble to about the size of a half-dollar.


My children found it fun to watch these crabs crawl and feed in the tide pools.


Here is another little guy... Can you find him ??


nice photo.Especially the crab. 😊

Thanks and kind wishes

Too cute to see!

Thank you....

What a fun find! ☺

Thanks so much...

Thanks for your support...

That is one tiny crab, great shot.

Yes Thanks... about the size of a quarter

Thanks, They had so much fun

ive seen lots of these on shores, some are purple, orange, its really nice to see them

Oh that's really fun.... they are so cute

They're so cute :) found the last one btw.

Thanks, Nice

saludos excelente foto tienes mi voto

Thank you....

I found it! :) Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Oh how fun...Nice and Thanks

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