Dubrovnik from the Adriatic Sea 🌊 ~ Dubrovnik von der Adria aus 🌊

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To see Dubrovnik as a one picturesque piece, the best is to take a motorboat for a short ride overlooking the town. And! To swing a bit on the Adria Sea. From the water distance you can see Dubrovnik as from postcards and paintings of artists. Well that's my last post from this charming little town, I am already missing this lovely place. 🌊⛵️
Um Dubrovnik als einen malerischen Platz zu sehen, nimmt man am Besten ein Motorboot für eine kurze Fahrt mit Blick auf die Stadt. Und! Um ein wenig auf dem Adria Meer zu schaukeln. Vom Wasser aus kann man Dubrovnik sehen, wie auch von Postkarten und Gemälden von Künstlern. Nun, das ist mein letzter Post aus diesem charmanten Städtchen, ich vermisse diesen schönen Ort schon jetzt. 🌊⛵️






See You Soon!
Bis Bald !

Content and all photos by @kam.ila (LeicaCamera)


bye bye Croatia ⛵️
Adieu Kroatien ⛵️


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Die schönste Stadt wo ich bisher sein durfte - Nächstes Mal miete ich mir glaube ich ein Jetski und cruise damit rund um die Mauern - sicherlich auch cool :)

Jetski ist eine geniale Idee! sicher im Sommer, wenn es heiß ist, muss es toll sein!

Ja - nur leider etwas teuer :(

I have heard a lot of good things about Croatia and really need to pay a visit.

The towns on the cliffs overlooking the sea are very picturesque! :D

Hallo @abh12345

Well in Croatian I been only in Dubrovnik and Zagreb.
Dubrovnik I would say it is a Monako of the Adriatic Sea, or? hmm..I don't know 😁😉 for sure it is a high standard port town. Good quality of food and the whole old town is kept really pretty.

It certainly looks very high from down on the water :D

Good food and tidy pavements sound like they take pride in their town and must mean there is money around to keep it that way.

Enjoy your travels, wherever you go next!

das war wieder eine schöne Fotoreihe zu einem unterschätzten Ort und einem noch mehr unterschätzten Land
kenns nur im Sommer, deine Kleidung lässt vermuten dass es kühl ist :D

Hallo @lauch3d, Danke, für deinen Kommentar
Es ist wunderbar. Unglaublich liebevoll und endlos schön. Die Temperaturen haben grad noch viel Potenzial. Es ist im Moment noch ziemlich kalt. Aber die Natur und die Altstadt sind bezaubernd. Kroatien hat sehr viel zu bieten.

A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective

You've shared some great photography here ...... Sea blue water is really charming ... I love it very much .... I hope everyone feels very good ... I think the place is really very Beautiful

excellent place,,,and great travel..

This is a mazing travel blog,awesome pics too,thanks a lot for sharing,have a nice day.

Astonishing clicks its just amazing i can view that all day long :)

Just mind-blowing place...👌 i fell in love with the places photos...😍

Nature's own land we can say that its stunning and beautiful at the same time

photography on another level this is the best thing to watch today so nice :)

Nice and beautiful post I like your post full of beautiful scenery, attracting the heart of us who see your post.

Adriatic Sea seeing this place for the first time its so marvelous and giant its amazing

I have always wanted to visit Dubrovnik! Next time when I travel I think I will go there! :)

To say more perfectly the city is indeed looking pretty great !

Like you said from the water it sure is looking even more beautiful !

The last two Images are as well pretty amazing !



Surprisingly beautiful places, for the sake of such landscapes it is worth to go and see it with your own eyes. As we say "the journey is life" .Thanks for the wonderful exchange @kam.ila

Beautiful photography ma'am. Thanks for share such a nice concept 👌
Well done and keep it up ma'am 💕

Wow beautiful ocean view @kam.ila.
Where is the beautiful sea view?

Beautiful places ..... Excellent photography.

Wow those shots are mind blowing and stunning to see its magnificent :D
have a great day dear :D

super schöne fotos! die natur sieht atemberaubend aus. sind die farben bearbeitet?

wonderful it is to see that's epic scenes so nice to see the visuals from there

Magnificent clicks this is so nice to see excellent and incredible shots

what an amazing place this is! Just amazing. Thanks for giving us the chance to see it....


these are incredible photographs,thanks a lot for sharing.have a great day.

Your 3rd photo is awesome

in the picture there are city,river,sky all are clearly seen i love all those picture and thanks for sharing us