[VIDEO] Japan > Korea > USA - Steem-Sponsored Family Vacay 2017/2018!

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Travel is fatal to prejudice, and is enriching for the soul.



Thanks for watching!



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)


I love that Mark Twain quote, the man was a stone cold genius.
Nice video too mate, it's great to look back on a trip that way especially as they always go so quick.
Looks like you had a great trip buddy.

WOOW this is very interesting Steemit is getting a lot of buzz lately.
and soon we will see magic happening

Hi brother @kafkanarchy84
I hope it will be a good trip and enjoy it
And also a happy year
I liked this article and really deserved it Resteem This Post
and follow up
I apologize I do not have a voting power until you vote


Looks like you had a good trip back home to the Hoosier State. And had time to take the family to see some other places too, sounds like a really great trip.

It was a packed itinerary for sure. Had to split the time between TN, KY, and IN. Sorry we couldn’t meet up and chat. I would have liked that.

Maybe next time you are in the state.

Wow ....thanks to steemit

Wow nice one, thanks to steemit ... hope to tap from this blesssing ma sometime in the feature

Hey kid, give me that burger .. I am starving over here in CA :) Great video kafkanarchy84 .. also, thanks so much for visiting my post today .. a little tough getting my feet off the ground on Steemit .. I will keep doing what I do but kick it up a notch .. reading your posts really do inspire me - thanks for be you!!!! SUNSHINE247

Japan is a high-evolved territory. I never visited it, but I always wanted to. I read about it, I read about its traditions and very educated people. It felt me feel save even I was never there.

a very sweet boy and at the end of Kafka's the lyrics it's so beautiful

Excelente video!!! Mucha suerte.. que sigas así...

Very sweet child :)

Totally enriching!

That seems like a long lovely trip to be with family at the holidays, thanks for sharing the amazing video with great pics :) All the best in 2018 for u n all your family members :)

It's pretty obvious you guys had fun @kafkanarchy84. There's nothing more beautiful than family trips/outings.♥️
Your son is so cute😍.
Check out my travel series @adedoyinwealth

Seeing all these guys with great points, it feels as if i dont have any idea to rise.

Nice trip, great family's and professional video, lucky man and happy family. you can say lot of word to the snow because lot happy there.clinking wine glass certainly warms the atmosphere of togetherness in the family. may the moment be always a beautiful memory. Have fun every one.

Love the clip! Dtube is waiting for you

Sangat menarik👍

Thats a trip i wish to do 😍😍😍

Very sweet child! Thanks to steemit

Exactly, travel to somewhere with my family is fantastic and has forever lasting values. For my case, the first travel was a little bit mess to prepare.
However, after back to home and some months ago, I saw mu sons said some stories and drew our visited hot spots.
I recognized it was valuable then my family do the same try every year.
Last, I'm living in Korea and if you have any chance visit again later, ask me. There are many hot spots here rather than Seoul.
Good and keep it up to build good memory to your cute child.

Amen Brother!
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Wow great share friend about your trip. Yes steemit is not only for earning but also a great learning place where you can visit many countries with the video. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful video, you are awesome and your hero looks so smart and happy. Wish you a very happy and healthy time my dear friend.

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Traveling is way more fun with your family. :)

Looks like you had a lot of fun celebrating the holidays in the USA. Your family looks warm and welcoming.

awesome, korea...I want to go there.

It is definitely very beautiful to share trips in the company undoubtedly of the family that is our only support, I congratulate you through this steem community to know you and meet your beautiful family, you can tell they enjoyed their trip to the fullest, live the love, following you.

muy cierto.

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