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This castle is decorating the hill above the capital of Slovenia. It looks much more modern than Predjama Castle and Bled Castle that I’ve showed you in my previous posts.


There are a few paths to get there from the Ljubljana city centre, some steeper than the others. There are funicular railway and electric shuttle options for the spoiled ones 😄


The view from the Ljubljana Castle is spectacular.


There are many restaurants on the castle, one of them called Strelec (Sagittarius).

Strelec Restaurant is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Michelin Plate for 2020, the Best Restaurant for 2021 according to the selection of the culinary guide Gault & Millau Slovenia, the Ljubljana Quality Mark 2021, and others.

We didn’t have a budget to eat there but maybe we will do so when we return 😁


The castle itself looks really nice from afar.



Preety Amazing Encyclopaedia on "Ljubljana castle you wonderfully given w/ gorgeous photography you shared w/ us

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful castle I will definitely going to visit within short priod

Pls keep sharing such a nice places w/ us & be happy and healthy

@k4r1nn, I stay in india and also like to travel a lot. You shared some beautiful pictures. Nature is the best gift, your mesmerizing pictures took my heart.

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