The 3rd day on Elba Island | Discovering the Island

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Yesterday, I went together with my girlfriend to discover a little part of the Island, trying to arrive to a beach to see the ocean.

Even if the weather was not so hot we went there to take some photos on the way, my girlfriend being crazy about it.

We walked around 20 km but luckily we had some good roads.



I will try to show you the best photos. (I took more than 300.)






As I was hoping there was nobody on the beach.

And here my girlfriend started her photo session. I want a photo here, and one here, and one with you here.. bla bla bla.

I was too excited to admire everything rather than taking selfies, and my hair was looking so bad.

Please don't laugh.


While Diana was taking selfies, I tried to climb some stones.





And this is the last photo I am uploading Steemians. Today we are ready for another walk, so stay tunned, more photos will come.

@Jwolf & Diana wish you a great day!


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-Thanks, @jwolf-


Wow, what a beautiful photo!

Hey @jwolf, how are you man?

I am going to drink a coffee, how are you?

sir how can do it your post vote always more how sir i need your steemit teaching can u teach me and what is your whatsapp number give me

I'm good man, is that your girlfriend or wife? You too are suitable with each other. Take care man!

OMG you've walked for more than 20 km , of course a wow climate a girlfriend would make one walk any longer distance ! Wonderful photography bro , I could see a mini pro photographer in you . Have a good and peaceful day :)

Thank you!

Wowwwwww... You sure had lots of fun with your girlfriend. Ladies are known for taking pictures hahahaha. Your scattered hair? Hmmm ok I wont laugh. #lol

This is one sweet adventur mehn. Wow

Thanks for laughing lol! Wish you a wonderful day!

Awwwwnn. Thanks so much. Have a blessed day

lucky guy ur girlfriend is so beautiful :P

Dude the water looks really beautiful 😍, if you had some swimming gear on you could’ve done a backflip and dived into the water.

Journey became more pleasure when you're with your heartiest person .
#Diana and @jwolf both of you looking so beautiful together.
God bless you both. Happy journey and thanks for sharing your nice shoots from Elba Island . Waiting to see more ....

Thanks, I ll post more photos!

okay my dear friend i will wait then

thie view is very beautiful

Love the photos and hope to see more. Wish you guys an amazing weekend, my friend.

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

Just a heads up jwolf, it's a comment spammer account.

"Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work"

where are you @jwolf?

Dude, read the title

This post has received a 12.73 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @jwolf.

Excellent photographs, I love the impeccable work, I congratulate them, they deserve a mountain of votes....

Nice photography...Happy travelling :D

Beautiful place this is to enjoy had a great time and enjoy :D

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This post is SO So so nice @jwolf

Really enjoyed that post friend and excellent photos

Wow looks like an awesome place for a day out, great photos!

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