Travel motivation: episode # 1

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Good morning stemeet family!!!

Another blog to post in this community just to share with you my journey.

IMG_3437.PNGTravel is an amazing goal to do in life, the way of expressings it self beauty. Along with the nature views and mankind unexplainable way of building something so adorably fine.Gods extravagant creation makes people enchanted for an unexpected relevance.

IMG_3277.JPGWith me travelling is a way of expressing the other adventurous side of me. I find it not a luxury but a fundamental foreseen of different extra ordinary things not to be taken for granted but to praise.

IMG_3420.JPGThings turn out good and relaxing in a way you could shout the differ happiness inside your heart ❤️....
IMG_3275.JPGThis adventous i had was so fascinating and overwhelming in a sense that you could forget the problem you had when you experience the thrill i had.

With my two brothers and friends @dazzlingpricess, @jeepney, we decided to go on a trip just to expel our boredsome in a sunday afternoon that was so hot and no electricity. Its unplanned get a way for us, for me i thought it will just be an ordinary get away but its more than that i was not expecting it to be so undenyingly wicked.IMG_3280.JPG

IMG_3353.JPGWe had this ideas of our minds to experience the excitement brought by ULTRA WINDS Mountain Resorts to swimming because its too hot in the city and watching a scenery from above the mountain highland view to cities below.IMG_3438.JPG

This was just one of the upcoming blog post that i will share to you, more in the future so keep on steeming and view for more.



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