Dubai: Oasis of the Desert

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The beautiful Arabian city of Dubai is characterized by the presence of many attractive areas, the geographical location and history, in addition to the beautiful architecture, made it a visitor attraction from all over the world.

Dubai is known as the Dubai Emirate, located in the United Arab Emirates along the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, covers an area of ​​4.114 square kilometers, population 2789000 people, of which the vast majority are foreigners, citizens account for 9% of the total population.

Dubai has become one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of its modern and unique architecture, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife scene, it distinguishes it and gives it a nice atmosphere for millions of tourists to visit annually.

The most beautiful places in Dubai:

  • Dubai Miracle Garden: This garden started at 45 million flowers and expanded to an amazing 72,000 square meters garden, with more than 100 million flowers from hundreds of different species. The expansion is still ongoing.

  • Burj Khalifa: The tallest tower in the world, famous for its superb construction and has many offices, apartments and business complexes.

  • Dubai Museum: The museum was opened in 1971 and contains many artifacts that showcase the history of the Emirate of Dubai, as well as other works belonging to Asian and African countries.

  • Arab Tower: The tower is distinguished by an artificial island, a luxury hotel tower and an upscale restaurant.

  • Palm Islands: Are three artificial islands, on the coast of Dubai, host to a large number of luxury homes, entertainment centers, and private beaches.

Aerial view of Dubai Miracle Garden:

Dubai Flyovers:

  • Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers 4k

  • Flight over Dubai "Vertical Maze" | 4K

  • NPro+ Drone Video in Dubai in 4K (DJI Inspire 1, Phantom2)

  • HIGH in DUBAI - Drone Footage

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You should check my blog about Dubai, with real photos of real travel.


I'm going to check right now! I had no idea it was this gorgeous :)


What an incredible city, I've wanted to go to Dubai ever since my friend told me about it years ago. Just a beautiful place. wow


can't wait to see more of these


Going to check me, follow me back

Dubai is a wonder
..desert to paradise ... Thanks for sharing

waw is really a place that is designed very nice and luxurious from the post it's so amazing it was amazing to want to fly there really very good let alone see the video nya really cool


no wonder its one of the renowned vacation places

Wow! Great pictures. Money can do anything

Fabulous pics! I'm not a huge action guy but those Dubai shots and action sequences from M.I.-Ghost Protocol movie were pretty amazing, outside the Burj Khalifa, if you haven't seen that flick (-:

very nice post

Dubai is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the world for sure! I really like this article, keep going!

I studied arabic at school and as a result have always dreamed of going there, as well as Oman. Beautiful!

Nice Video

I love Dubai..😍😍😍😍😍😍

Dubai is the most proggresive and the most beautiful country in middle east. Tourism is the main source of income, not oil. Also, the first arab country that adopt the culture of the west and other country.


Progressive? Indentured servitude of Philippine (and other country) servants who are treated like slaves and paid pennies. In a country where women are banned from driving and must have a male guardian when they go outside? Where they just arrested a woman last month for the crime of wearing a skirt? A country where having the wrong belief or loving the wrong person is a death sentence? Sure the architecture is beautiful but it is not a country I would like to visit. "Most progressive in the middle east" isn't saying much to be honest.


Dubai is not a country, but a city- one of the 7 Emirates in the country, United Arab Emirates.
It is an open city where people of different cultures combined add to the diverisity. As a Muslim country however, there are laws that must be respected like public indecency for example. Women are pretty much empowered as the men- they can drive, own their own cars and land on good positions in the workplace.
There are cases of labor disputes or other crimes, but all in all since they also have a faily good justice and labor system, for as long as you know where to go you will be all right.

Woow niice post. @joseph. Good luck. احب دبي انه بلد رائع

Looks surreal! I'd very much like to visit once.

I advertised your post in my last beer tasting post and sent people your way. I hope it gets you more clicks! Also, a full up here.


I am so lucky to have been able to visit this wonderful place in 2015 @joseph, really one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world. Everything is just grand!

These pictures are amazing! I hope I'll have the chance to visit dubai one day. Anyone know how expensive it is?

I've never been able to go to Dubai before. Maybe steemit will give me the opportunity to but it is one of my dreams to go there. Many of my friends have been there as well as I've seen all these spectacular pictures of the beaches and magnificent buildings like the Burj Khalifa which makes me envy their experience haha

It seems like Dubai also has a great night life. It is breathtaking seeing all those lights on at night, especially the Burj Khalifa with its staircase like lights.

The Miracle Garden just blows me away. The architecture that encompasses the city is truly amazing. Hopefully one day I will be able to go and I'll definitely make a post about it @joseph haha

Fun fact for you all, the hotel pictured in the post is the only one of a few 7-star hotel in the world. Most of the other are also located in Dubai.

Simply wonderful photography @joseph, upvoted, resteemed

I Love Dubai, what a nice post to worth seen.

Hi! Great post @joseph! You just captured one of the nicest view the world can offer to any tourist who wants to forget the stress of life :)

Very nice post. I hope your post will be in hot list.

@joseph wow thanks for sharing. Looks amazing!

Dubai is insanely Beautiful

Dubai is amazing, cant wit to go back, was there few years ago for business. It is for sure what people would consider and think of what a "future city" looks like, amazing place.

I'd love to go there sometime. It's on my list for a stopover at some point.


Righy..Dubai is a most visit. When do you plan to visit...

Beautiful and amazing place! Many thanks dear @joseph for sharing!

Wow nice picture @joseph

Wow! I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that Dubai was like that. Spectacular!

I really want to visit dubai. a place famous for its beauty of the city. thank you for providing information about dubai. good post

This is very beautiful especially #THEPALMISLANDS and #THEMIRACLEGARDEN.
what a beauty

amazing pics dubai is a nice place to visit.

I am very happy to see the city of Dubai that you share in the post, hopefully I can get there,thanks as much as i can @joseph, i Upvote you and you too...

Really wonderful

Very Nice article about Dubai, Definetly Dubai is a Man Made Artificial Heaven for People having Enough Money in their Pocket, Please Do me a Favour, Follow me Back, Thanks

hey dear
great introduce of Dubai,, there 's near to our country but i dont go there yet !
thanks for your texts and pics,, upvoted and fallowed :)


I hope one day I will get to visit that amazing city and experience how awesome it is.

Joseph, then, Dubai should be referred to as the heaven on earth.

I wish I visit that place soon, my prayer is that God should elevate me, my country is not that encouraging such for now, brokenness is the talk of the day, but as soon as things work well, hopefully with steemit. I'll to visit there.

Thanks for sharing this.

holy crap! I had no freakin idea Dubai was this beautiful! thankou for sharing @joseph , I would've had no idea it was this beautiful .. I mean I've heard its nice but like this?!?! wow.. have you been there? and the miracle garden or whatever like holy shit its gorgeous !

Thank you for your elaboration about Dubai. Dubai is one of paradises that should be visited. That country is not only rich but also so beautiful. However, Asian seem so hard to get there because of the cost. It Will be possible for me as long as my company brings me therr

Beautiful guarden! Ni en post @joseph

Wow, awesome Dubai.

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Which hotel did you stay in?

Very Beautiful Dubai very good post

Dubai really is beautiful. It's one of my destinations to visit in 2018 because unfortunately I don't have enough time right now.

From what I have seen on pics and videos, as well as heard from everyone, this city is amazing. I really want to go there one day and maybe steemit will help me get the money to go there and take my family with me too.

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Amazing pictures, but the Pakistani "slaves" that built it almost for free, are not in the text. That's what bothers me about Dubai, Doha, etc... All the bling bling, but the exploitation of who built it, is shoved under the table.
That, and the fact that you can't drink alcohol there...

Wow only 9% are citizens. What an amazing creation!

Whole Dubai is a wonder

Dubai is beautiful indeed! Been there a couple of times as a tourist and have always enjoyed it. A bit pricey though but quality of life is worth it! Thanks for this beautiful post. I'll be sharing visit to Dubai soon from my eyes as well.

really amazing, Want it to go to dubai. in fact there are many things that I love about dubai, not only beautiful or beautiful flowers, which I like. I also often hear and see on the internet will be the splendor of dubai city and the buildings are really fascinating. really I want to visit there. Thank you @joseph

Good photos but still... Dubai for me is the last place in the world I would like to visit and I'm very curious person.

wow that's amazing

wow, beautiful videos :) I love Dubai


Wow The Images and videos are so lovely How to become rich in dubai