20 Years Later....I'm In Wasaga Beach

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It's funny where life can take you...This has been the summer of travel and new experiences for me but this weekend I did something old...Yet new...

I'm in Wasaga Beach for the long weekend and as close to home as this was for so many years, it's the first time in almost 2 decades I'm here...

If you are not familiar with Wasaga Beach it's something quite special...

About an hour and a half north of Toronto lies the world's largest freshwater beach!

Think of this like the Jersey Shore close to Toronto lol

wasaga beach

But as many tourist attractions as there is, it's still an awesome view of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron!

You can see the 'Blue Mountains' in the distance across the bay and today we caught the beginning of a sizeable thunder storm rolling in.

All in all, it's a nice trip north and quiet reminder to visit the attractions in your own back yard.

It's been 20 years and so much has changed....But the beach is still one of the best in the world :)


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Wow the last time I was there was 1969, was a great place then to have some fun. Dang nice to see there are no condos on the beach.


they are coming. apparently there’s a big development planned.

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That's amazing. For me, it looks like you were at the sea. In Germany, we don't have such big freshwaters. Enjoy your trip.


thank you sir. yup it’s on one of the great lakes. so big body of water for sure.

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It's always good to go home :) At least for a visit.

I was 35 years between visits to Glacier National Park.


love it. but after a few days i wanna go back lol

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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but caught a one-way ticket to the Phililppines in 2009 and haven't gone back yet.

By the time I go back to San Mateo, CA, a decade and a half might have passed, so I think I can relate to visiting old places is a new way.

Thanks for posting 😊 @jongolson