What To Do in Toronto! 5 Day Travel VLOG

in travel •  7 months ago

Two weeks ago I was able to travel to beautiful Toronto, Ontario, and attend the Steem Creators Conference! But... thats not all we were able to do while I was in Canada! In this weeks VLOG I share with you the entire adventure! It was a crazy 5 days and I am really not sure how I was able to squeeze everything in... but I hope you all enjoy this VLOG!

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Hope you had a great time in my city!!!!


Very good video i love you


Que gran ciudad es esta

Sera sede del mundial de futbol 2026?


si leyeras dice que visito varias ciudades entre ellas toronto XD


era solo una duda . me gustaria ir ahi


very good


I love Damon Stoudamire of the Toronto Raptors and the Blazers in the NBA.

Awesome post! I JUST got back from Ontario and had a blast! Cheers!


Awesome post! I JUST
Got back from Ontario
And had a blast! Cheers!

                 - splatterhaus

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Thank you! I appreciate your support!

Owsome your vedio is really superb..... And all that places you visit are all mindblowing.... Your post is great and I like it in that sense...
As I am also want to be a tourist so your vlog is really motivational for me also

Que musica es esa pero suena bien

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Happy to see that. If you find yourself in Las Vegas NV let me know. I know my hometown like my shadow.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ahahaha. Upvoted.


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Wow! That's great enjoying yourself while working. I wish I could visit Canada someday. I have some friends living there and they said it's such an amazing place. 🇨🇦

there are no words to express their emotions. I really enjoyed traveling with you. There is so much appetizing food that I now go to eat myself, although I am on the right diet. ^^
A great trip to Toronto!


Awesome. Food is the best part. Upvoted.

ohh i want:( I would like to go Toronto, is amazing


Me too and hope you can or something. Upvoted.

May be your post should read "WHAT TO DO IN EDMONTON" we already have a lot of snow


Snow reminds me of Christmas hehe. Upvoted.

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What an awesome detailed professional video!! Definitely one of the best I’ve seen. Well done, keep it up and thank you for sharing. Looks like you had a tonne of fun @joeparys


Sweet. Upvoted.

Wow, such a lot to do in Toronto.

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WOW Too many things to do in Toronto I will need to be there a whole year.
Nice post! :)

want to visit Toronto i have a friend there

that is cool, i really like it

Very interesting and cool posts, I really like your posts, because your post is always great I want to always follow you and I want to share this post, Thank you @joeparys


You’re welcome!

I like your posts a lot and can't stay without upvote. I also like to write travel blogs but I don't have enough idea how to do it. Can you help me out please?
I am new in steemit, how can I grow my profile?


Check out my video courses in the description! I walk you through step by step how to VLOG and Master Steemit!


I will watch your video great post sir


My website also has all of my courses as well!


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What Joe is saying is that he won't give advice unless you pay for it. In reality though, you really shouldn't pay to learn how to make good use of your time on Steemit. Check out the various travel communities on Steemit. This post is a good place to see what other travel bloggers are doing:



hell yeh this person knows whats up this the fuckin internet yo, this is like the fuckin library of life, son. dont give your benjamins to this psycho.


Are you enjoy it bro?

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Thanks, great post, your Udemy courses seem extremely interesting! I must have a good look! Thanks for sharing

If in lifetime I will visit Toronto I will visit beautiful spot you showedin video.Seeing you it seemed you really enjoyed the spot.can we also attend steemit creators conference @joeparys ?

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Very good job, thanks for sharing

can i know, where is the biggest hotel in toronto ?

It seems like you had enjoyed a lot. moreover A vlog with such a detailed description is amazing , lot to learn from you, keep flourishing!

@joeparys great travelling experience. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

Hey joeparys. I love the video, you gave great visuals. It looks like there is a lot of fun to be had in Toronto. I would love to go there one day.

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Whole my life i wanna go to Toronto <3

i am sure it will be good experience for you and your team , keeping sharing so that i can see toronto ion pictures

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wow this is amazing <3

Thank you. I really liked the article and video

Beautiful Toronto!

Very good video i love you you are best


upvoted .

nice vlog :)

Well ... she cried video! I like it. Greetings of @ fauzan1. Hopefully steemit loyal to find people in the world.

from acheh indonesia

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Awesome! I'd like to know Toronto one day. Thanks for sharing your travel!

nice post

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think you for the great article

amazing i like your post..... some day i want to travel toronto :D

I really love your post, I would like to blog about my trip to Machu Picchu and you really inspired me to do it. Thank you

thanks you ! pretty good for me ! i like you

Toronto lives !

Nice travel friend

So nice

Me agrado mucho el video.Especialmente la visita a la granja, y al acuario. Yo creo que no subiria a la CN tower ( sufro de vertigo) Muy refrescante la visita a las cataratas del Niagara. De verdad que aprovecharon muy bien los dias.

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It's great! It is wonderful! I loved it! I would love to travel there one day.

Gracias por el gran artículo

kobe j ami steemit a sofol homu.

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very good, thanx!

Very nice vlog!


thanks you so much!

Oh my god, Thats amazing ... I was there in a tour just two day and moving to Quebec for a while, culture in Canada is beautiful, people, food, the complete city, actually Canada is a really safe place for visit, i love it and i love all the information you share with us. Thank you so much for this

Wow.. That's so crazy. Did u find any Indians in creators meet.

really cool...i like it

Wow! great place and great video enjoy a lot

I liked my whole post and I also subscribed to your Youtube channel.In fact, the best time for any person is only when he is traveling to some place.

yo this is the fruitiest music i ever heard in some videos that shit is wack. cant your scammy shiesty ass afford some non royalty free shit??


I'm planning to go to Toronto,Canada and will surely do this thanks!

very good

nice post boss

wowwww, this is just more than unbelievable

Nice video. This city is beautiful.

absolutely fantastic wow

Wow, fabulous five days. I am not sure whether I will go Toronto but by seeing this it made me to feel being there for few minutes. I love the aquarium its so lively. Going through the Nigeria falls is really awesome. Your 5 days of trip is visual treat for me. Keep travelling have fun dude. Looking forward for your next post :)

Your blogs are great! I will be happy to see you again!

OMG! I love it!

Wow your Vlog is fantastic. I visited Vancouver in May and now I want to visit Toronto on the other side of Canada. Keeping steeming bro.

P.S. I shared your post on my new Facebook page 'Best of Steem by Spectrum Economics'.

amazing :D I would like to travel to Toronto someday

I know you had a wonderful experience and making VLOG along side is a good way to immortalize your life experience there. Nice Post!!


Wow Loving Toronto !!! <3 :)

Thanks for sharing this to us! really appreciated!

Very good guide, I would love Toronto.

ok, me has convencido. Próximo viaje: Toronto!

That's cool :) I've seen this kind of bike for the first time. I really like. This idea can be applied in Turkey. Thx @joeparys :)

Thanks @joeparys. I completed your vlog udemy course and found and very interesting and informative.

This is amazing! I love Canda. Thank you for the Video.

toronto is my dream city...... hope...i can live here but my destiny was not with me... im so unlucky