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Welcome to our WEEKLY VLOG EPISODE #010

In today’s episode, experience St. Patrick's day in downtown Chicago! I take you to some exclusive clubs for the dying of the Chicago river (green), the house of blues for a mini concert, and along the riverwalk! We even have some drone footage for you :)

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st patrick's day is always fun

very interesting to see that the city actually dyes the water green though

I wonder how much dye that takes? Looks like Chicago goes all out for St.Paddy's day☘️, awesome post! 💚🎉

In the vlog course, do you show how to create the cinematic look in Final Cut Pro X?
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Chicago I have never visited the place I would like to explore the city and I know I will enjoy it

Awesome post man!

I love how they dye the river green! Such a cool tradition 😊

I have been debating about coming up there for years. Now I really want to go. That looks freaking awesome. The other St Pats parties I would love to hit up would be Boston and Dublin

Chicago its very beauty

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Is awesome how they paint all the river green , st Patrick's day is totally a crazy party, in Dublín is all a fever , beer guiness , contest, party,concert is amazing

st paddys day cant beat it!! =]

Midwest hospitality and St. Patrick’s Day....where the beers flow and memories grow🍀

Awesome vlog! I am visiting Chicago for April 2-7! I have never been before, and I am super excited, I can't wait! Any suggestions for stuff to do or places to go while I am there would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the nice vlogs, you are great at filming @joeparys! :)

So Beautiful... Would love to visit one of these days

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Kiss me, I'm Irish;) Just kidding

Wow Nice View, Good Shoot! I Have Done Upvote & Follow You

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Thanks Tomas!

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Really enjoyed watching it. Looks like you had fun!

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i never visited this town but i really want to go that place to enjoy the environment

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so cool vlog!! I want to go there.

Nice post


Nice piece here ✌️
Keep the stemmit flag flying ♨️


Life is just like chess game...
Sometimes you move around whit the Queen, but
Sometimes you have to play whit the King
If you know what I mean😄

i have never been to chicago. i wish i could be there

Wish I could be there 2.

Is it okay for nature to chenge the colour of the river? :O

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nice and great post....

Awesome vlog! Hope you had a good Guinness :D My fav beer. Thanks for sharing

How did they change the color of the river ... is that even safe !!! .... minnows , dolphins , whales beware !!! danger all around... the river is green !!! 😁😁😁

They use a biodegradable green dye.

Yes thank you for helping answer it 👍

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thats asome palace

So cool. Happy ST. PATRICK'S DAY @joeparys. Hope it's the best one you've ever celebrated!!!

You experienced lots of fun man on Chicago . what a place it is!

It’s interesting to see how huge St Pats day is in the US. I live in Australia and although we have a lot of Irish heritage we barely celebrate it.

Love the video.

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I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

Nice Blog, I never seen St Patricks day in Chicago!

que buen video, interesante saber sobre esta cultura en chicago

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Wow! Very nice!


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i wish i could be chicago^^

It's a nice one and a creative idea. The camera is higher in definition, the quality is dope and it's educating

looking awesome!

nice. being helpful, also upvote. thanks

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks like the langham where you had breakfast. Awesome food there!

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