Sunday Treats - a Eastern and Western treats in Hanoi

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The joy of Asia is that food is loved and appreciated by everyone. Generally there is an enormous pride and care put into food that is prepared.

Whilst I live in Hanoi it is my mission to eat all around the city sampling the best of the food. We decided to have a double treat day with East meets West.

First some Korean food, then moving on to a bakery!


Bimibab is a delicious Korean rice dish. It is made inside a hot cast iron bowl so that the rice on the outside gets crusted to the edge! At the end this becomes the delicious chewy section of the dish. The dish itself is a mixture of fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, an egg and some Korean spicy sauce. You can have meat in this dish if you want as well.

This is a dish to stir up, mix up and enjoy on a colder day. Truly delicious and very filling.

Next stop - coffee and a cake.


The French influence shows when you go to bakeries in Vietnam. Their baked goods are a perfect balance of flavours. Crafted with care and put together from generations of experience.

Look at how beautiful the eclair is.

Now I know a pan au raisen won't always look particularly special, but they can be made to taste very special.P1074931.JPG

Overall my favourite day is spent eating in different locations around the city! Fun all round.


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