Marques Pombal Garden - Lisbon 🇵🇹

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Today I discovered a new part in Lisbon.

At Marques Pombal, you need to go up towards the North.

You will find a big green space with trees and grass.
It looks like Central Park.
I absolutely love the shape of it


Those designs remember me the one in Chateau de Versailles, France.

Then you can see this massive Portugese flag overlooking the bay of Lisbon. Beautiful



Steemfest2 was just over there ;-)

Arrrggg ! I missed it I was in Asia :-/
I bet you had an amazing time ? :D

You bet right ;-)

Awesome @jlcrypto! I visited this park during @steemfest last November!

We have the same picture haha ! Awesome that you were there ! @roxane was there too
Too bad that I missed it

Nice shot bro.


Nice shot bro.

Double post

wow it's really amazing place...thanks for sharing .

Thank you!