Breathtaking sunset on Costa De Caparica - Portugal 🇵🇹

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Hey guys

After an awesome ride on an Harley Davidson going along the south peninsula of Lisbon, I discovered many great places that I will share later.

But first I wanted you to see this sunset on Costa de Caparica.


The colors were impressive.
Costa de Caparica is the summer station for Lisbon. It looks like very much like Lloret del mar in Spain with hotels, restaurants and clubs along the beachfront

Without mentionning, the city is a huge turning point for surfers.

And what a blessing to have the sun coming down in the water.

This picture was minutes before the above picture

This summer is going to be packed with lot of festivals. Can't wait !


great sunset. i love it.
We take a great sunset in South Africa. Maybe u like it too :-)

Damn that's a fantastic picture too ! Well done =)

Lovely sunset!!!

Great shot!