My visit of Cambridge

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Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version!

Hello Steemians

Today I want to tell you about my visit to Cambridge a weekend ago. I was in England to visit my brother and we decided that he would show me this beautiful city.


Cambridge is a city north of London with 123k inhabitants where about 25k are students. The city is world famous for its elite university, which is one of the best universities in the world. I want to lead you through this city today.

We arrived at the train station from where we walked towards the city centre and already saw the first church on the way.


Cambridge itself is a beautiful small typical English town with typical English brick houses and a small market in the middle. There were also lots of shops everywhere where we went shopping.



For lunch we probably had the best burger I've ever had in a small restaurant called Butch Annie's.



As for the university, you should know that it consists of 31 colleges, which are all more or less independent, but nevertheless have some lectures together. On the way to the city centre we also walked through such a college which is open to the public, because unfortunatly most of the others are only accessible as students or if you pay admission.


The most famous colleges are probably the King's College and the Trinity College which are in the middle of the city centre, you can see them here on the pictures. The last picture is the St. John's College which is also very big. The nice thing is that all these colleges consist of very old buildings and some even have their own cathedrals.





That day there was also the graduation day at Kings College, so people with coats similar to Harry Potter's were walking around everywhere, it was really magical.


For the rest of the afternoon we strolled around the colleges, through the old town and through the parks along the river behind the whole colleges. Here are some pictures.



On this promenade we also passed the famous Mathematical Bridge, although I don't quite understand what is so impressive about it.


And that's already the end. Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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Cool pictures, thanks for sharing with us !

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Very nice. I'm sure you had a great time. Love the pictures.

Like your post! Love that they have coats like in Harry Potter :) keep it up.

Wow! It's really a very cool and beautiful blog @jeanpi1908. I really appreciate the efforts you put to describe all in best here!

Have a nice day!
Cheers! :)

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Thank you

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Keep up the great work!


I wanna go there too someday 😄


Hhmm Cake ;p

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thats a very nice post, loved it

enjoy bro

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It's a " wow" post, deadly pics. Thanks

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