HOME IS WHERE YOU PARK IT #2 - Bear Lake Mountains

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Here we are up in the mountains again just working enjoying the nice weather in an office with a better view. I have learned there is a whole world of people who spent their life traveling and working in beautiful places. I don't always get this opportunity because I'm a portrait photographer who has to be places but more and more each year I add small sources of revenue that make me less and less location dependent.

How about you... anyone out there with something like this as a goal?


I'm up here trying to finish a Book Deadline for a publisher for one of my upcoming books.

What's nice is I don't have to go anywhere to photograph sunset!


Some nice late day shade by the nice tall pines helps the airstream from getting too hot. But also means less solar electricity so it's a trade off.

The valley is hitting 90 and up here i'm in the 70s


Even though space is a luxury in the airstream I bring along this big folding chair because I love coming out here and sitting and enjoying the birds singing and the beautiful weather and peace.



would this be something you'd do?
Would you go to the mountains or where would be your preferred place to park and work?


Beautiful spot however i must admit about 2 hours ago my neighbors a few hundred meters away rolled out and I moved over to their spot... why? Better cell phone connection ... aka the only reason i'm able to post this.

When you're far away from cell phone towers even a small change of location can have a huge impact.

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Best office ever!! And your bus looks so cuteee !

Thanks... technically an airstream but thanks

Dude this is living the friggin' dream as far as I'm concerned! We're obsessed with the idea of buying and converting a van for this exact purpose. I think if you're outdoorsey AND you take photos it's a no brainer!

Well then having been in that airstream 5 years let me know when you have questions. Haha

I love it...
Greetings from Venezuela.

Oh hey how's it going? and how's life in venezuela? seems like a rough time down there right now. Stay safe.

Hi I am well thanks to God! Really, it was not easy because the military is trusting president, but we have faith to get it out, soon things will come new as before, left the hands of God, he seeks justice to President Maduro @jarvie

Talk about a rough day in the office (insert heavy sarcasm here)
Beautiful view!
We can't wait to have a travel rig!

Haha ... someone has to do it... so i volunteer!

I have not had the opportunity to travel and experience a trip like this, an opportunity to be in a beautiful land like that, but thank you very much, because these photos and your words make you dream of living that experience one day .. thank you

Great spot to get some work done! I'll be parking my tent with the family down in Big Sur next week. Bringing my camera but going to try my hardest not to work for a few days.

Hey keep track of possible locations that someone can park an airstream AND have cell phone. I'm not sure if there's anything on the california coast that's like that. At least not BLM/USFS and free like a lot of places.

I was able to get a little bit of signal last time I was in Big Sur but I did have to walk around and hunt for it. Signal is pretty good most places up here in Tahoe...

Looks like fun, wish I were there right now.

As for the question, I think you know the answer because I've demonstrated my predilection to drive into the mountains many times, but admittedly not to park and work. I think it's the perfect place to get away to get work done, but it's hard for me to stay in one place for every long when I have the ability to be mobile, so I don't know if I would stay there or want to relocate every day or two.

Yeah i'm figuring it out as well... i think you know me and how in the past I would keep moving. But hey i'm here going on 2 full days now and will likely do a 3rd and then i'll start moving down towards Moab by the weekend.

Yeah, you're also a roamer, but at least you have your whole computer setup with you. I've never traveled and been able to work comfortably at the same time. :)

Wonderful theme jarvie, enjoy this way of life, it is very beautiful! Greetings

That will be the best office ever :) Actually to be able to work from anywhere (that will be mostly mountains) is a new dream of mine :)

Well i'll keep posting pics from time to time to help inspire! haha

haha, very nice of you! Thank you. :) Actually, sometimes it really takes a picture of some beautiful mountain while you are in a depressing office full of robots to stand up and say "I quit". Keep posting I will let you know the results, haha :)

Wow that is beautiful.

thanks... perfect spots for your house right?


Sweet setup! Where exactly is this?

Bear Lake Mountains northern utah.

I would love to in the parks to reflect and perform my duties but I am in the teaching profession, no such luck. Enjoy the beautiful surrounding.

Yes teaching is usually an on location sort of thing.