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RE: GETTING INTO THE BALINESE CULTURE /// Ceremony. Waterfall. Workshop. Dance.

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Great photos!! Oh how I love Bali as well, spent about a year there over the past three years. If you haven't gone to Akasha outside Ubud, or Bali Dacha on Wednesdays and Sundays, make a plan to do it!


Thanks a lot for your advice! We will definitely check them out. Luckily, we have loads of time to do it! :) Where do you spend the rest of your time?

Amazing places to eat in Ubud: Clear Cafe, Seeds of Life, Sayuri, Atman Kafe,

Also if you are going to stay in Ubud don't stay downtown but go to Penastanan, you'll need a motorbike (just do it! it's so fun!) to get there, but you'll need one anyway to get to the places I mentioned above. Also drop by Hubud, the first coworking space in Bali (it's in Ubud). Big beautiful bamboo structure with fast internet that saved my digital nomad lifestyle from extinction three years ago when the then-awful internet on the island nearly ruined my ability to present online and therefore nearly ruined my ability to work remotely! It's a cool space, and now there are other sweet ones like Outpost a little south of town (eat at Sage across the street there too, really great), and Roam in Penastanan (eat at Alchemy next to that too!) Hope that helps, I'm kind of new to Steem and really excited about it so I'm going to follow you and hopefully we'll be able to share travel experiences and tips in the future!

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