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Howdy there clifun and sir @simms50! I've never heard of Kudzu but it sounds like that's a good thing!
As far as the bird, no sorry, Roadrunners have a much larger beak, here's a photo of one of ours:


Hey there @janton glad you saw my tag! Thanks for commenting!
As for the kudzu I have heard that it was one of those "seems like a good idea" kind of thing but now it is evasive and taking over everything it can!!!

Howdy sir simms50! My pleasure. I'm sure glad we don't have any of those kudzu on our property, that is a very foreign sounding name, did some joker bring that over from another country?


Here is what I found:

Kudzu was introduced from Japan to the United States at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876 as an ornamental and a forage crop plant. The Civilian Conservation Corps and southern farmers planted kudzu to reduce soil erosion.

oh how interesting sir simms50! Well it sure works well for soil erosion doesn't it? We had a weed like that in Kansas that we had to spray every year or it would take over the whole field. thank you so much sir simms50!

In South Carolina, I have seen Kudzu take over entire fields and kill surrounding trees by smothering them.

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Now THAT is evasive!!!

Thank you for confirming that the picture is not a road runner. Next time I see one I will try to get a better picture to be able to identify it better.

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Howdy there clifun! my pleasure, are you guys traveling around the country or just on vacation?

Actually neither... I got a contract down in San Antonio. I decided to fix up our house as well as possible, put it up for sale, buy a truck, travel trailer and move the family from northern Indiana to southern Texas! All within 2 weeks! I will add more posts showing all that we did and how everything is working.

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Holy moly! you guys don't mess around! Well we moved from Northern Ohio to just Northeast of Dallas. I used to live in Northern Indiana though, Montepelier and Bluffton over by Fort Wayne.
What line of work are you in?

LOL! Yeah, my last job was in Fort Wayne however I lived an hour north near the Michigan border. I am a Linux administrator.

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Very cool. You mean Linux as in Ubuntu Linux, the operating system?

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