Coffee Meets Art: Kape AlBarako

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Coffee, beach, art. I think these three words pretty much sum up the whole article. But Kape AlBarako is such an exceptional place and it's a shame not to know much about this beauty. Read on.

Weary from four hours trek from the mountains of Sagay, we intentionally went by the beach to hunt one of the most famous coffee shops in town: Kape AlBarako.

At first glance it is easy to understand why people frequent the place. The vibrant artistic colors of the bamboo edifice sits in an amazing contrast against the glistening black sand beach of Margaha Beach Resort in Barangay Old Sagay in Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

Kape AlBarako is a haven for coffee and art lovers. Its coffee is statement of sophistication. Its loud colours scream of artistry and expression. Not surprising, for this is the home of a renowned local artist Nunelucio Alavardo.

IMG_20180905_213253_755.jpg Our team, together with the artist Nunelucio(in red polo and shorts) and his wife (wearing black shirt from the left.)

Nunelucio is a well respected contemporary artist since 1970's. Nunelucio and his children, who are also artists, personally painted the 45 square meter beach front property. The place is made of bamboo and keen attention to details was given upon rennovating the whole place. What used to be a beach resort turned into a coffee shop and art gallery as it houses the artworks of the family and served as a place for memorable conversations.


Aside from the place itself, the coffee is definitely to die for! They serve high quality barako coffee. I highly suggest you try their best selling iced coffee. It has the right blend of sweetness that goes perfectly with the coffee's rich flavor.

The premium coffee beans they used are locally grown from Don Salvador. Coffee is magical. We arrived at AlBarako drained and came out energized.One cup kept us awake and lively for the six hours drive to Dumagute.


Through time, Kape AlBarako has hosted intellectual conversations and fed the souls of those craving for artistic expression. It took care of weary travellers, like us, and fed the minds of the curious.


If you ever pass by Sagay, don't miss the chance to visit AlBarako. Whether you're looking for creative inspiration or just want to chill, the soothing sound of the waves, the cool wind, the delicious coffee, and the great art will surely give it to you.


(Photos uploaded are not filtered inorder to preserve AlBarako's original aesthetic.)


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WOW, I love that art work on bamboo! Glad you are back!

Glad you are still here! Yes, I've been away for a long time. Really bz with work :(

Cool artworks! Don't mind the that near Kabankalan City?

But the coffee is really good too. Haha. I have no idea, it's my first time at the place.

Am sure..Negros got great coffees based from my experience in Bayawan😍

Have you tried the Civet Coffee I think mostly collected in the mountain province?

Not yet,Chris. Have you? Omgeee tell me about it.

We saw it in Sagada and told about the process of making it. I think it was around php100 but I wasn't game enough to try knowing how its gathered. Too many contest to it being the best tasting coffee in the world but still that didn't tempt me to try.

Hahahaha. Why not tho? Do you not like coffee?

The others I was with were not game either. Too much bad visuals about the process. Would you try?

If I had the chance, yeesss! 😍

This is such a lovely place, @janicemars. You did a wonderful job on your post. This is featured in @bayanihan's 44thPhilippines' Curation Updates
and received 100% upvote.

Thank you so much. God bless and more power to you and the community.

such vibrant colors! I love when its so colourful.
Maybe you like to check out Bamboozled's Bamboo Contest!

Thank you. Will definitely check this out.

Wow, you make me love coffee drinking even more, and I'm drinking coffee right now at 2 AM PST apx. Nice to see you, Janice.

Hello! Nice to meet you too. Omgeee, aren't you gonna sleep?

Yeah omg, a night owl, never gonna sleep until I'm done with my drift, my roll, but it is better to early to bed and early to rise to make me wealthy and healthy and wise.

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