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Being a model, actress, host, and a martial arts athlete, my schedule for the week is loaded most of the time. Pictorial here, taping there, and routines in the gym. Sometimes, I had to squeeze in business meetings and consultations. I have to give my 100 percent in all of my activities. When my energy level is down or when I can no longer tolerate the urban toxicity (traffic, pollution, stress, etc.), I usually travel in the countryside or head to the beach for some rest and relaxation. But this time I had a great staycation at Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle in Manila. I love the facilities and ambience and the best thing is its just around the metro.

Watch out for my full vlog on my experience in Marina Bay spa and Lifestyle Club.



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Your stunning beauty and incredible athletic ability are amazing.
But it is your humility and compassion that makes you even more special.
I'm a huge @janicehung fan!! God bless you my friend!!

The energy you have and the proactivity that accompanies your activities is impressive, I admire your strength to face so many responsibilities that you execute with responsibility, well deserved relaxation in the spa, it would be wonderful to enjoy a day like this full release of stress. May the successes and the well-deserved rest @janicehung continue. Happiness always.

Wow, you're gorgeous and sexy! You're indeed an awesome model and actress...maintain your healthy lifestyle!nice photo!

Wow, you're so beautiful! I'm so very amazed at your following on Facebook! You are stunning!

dear @janicehung,

Really you are looking so dashing and hot. I wish you do well in all parts. Go on. I am in your support dear. 😍

It will be very difficult to manage all these things for star like you,btw you are looking hot and lovely.

wow..its so awesome photography of @janicehung,
looking so cute ,really awesome looking ,

This is such a stunning photo of you! It is truly mesmerizing! But what I like about this picture is knowing that you most probably had some fun in the pool, enjoying swimming and relaxing a bit. You need some rest and relaxation. It is awesome that you get to squeeze this in your busy schedule. I wish you good health always so that you can continue inspiring people. Love you so much! ❤

Hey @janicehung, nice post are verry betuifull ! I

what a sexy you are !!!
i cant believe >>>really fentastic looking

looking so handsome cute
great sexy and amazing lifestyle
so cuty!!

Wow !!!
You are looking so pretty and sexy...
Marvelous lifestyle @janicehung

if you wanna make success in your life, you have to do hard labour.

Your so sexy and beautiful idol @janicehung..

beautiful scenery with a great show of comrades.

Happy Friday!
You are very sexy and cute, best wishes my dear!

Looking hot, sexy & beautiful.....

you are looking so sexy and hot...have a great journey

fitness is just perfect. and the ggloes is perfectly suit on your face.


Fint bilde ,, du ser så sexy ut, jeg føler meg varm og ser dine store bryster ,, jeg er heldig hvis jeg berører det ,, nå føler jeg meg så varmt ,, du forstår ,, hahaha ,,,@janicehung
bare tuller, "For å være en modell, er ikke skam vist, det er et tak på livet ,, @ oppvotet

What a beautiful place to sit back and enjoy life. You are such a busy and active person that chilling every once in a while can do a lot of good!

Talented pretty and sexy with full load of work..
you need some rest too.. take care of your health Sis.
God bless

looking gorgeous.
and.. you should give yourself more time to relaxation beside work routine.

looking very cool and fresh. The place is very beautiful with you.

I am Agree with @scarletsnow

You are Really gorgeous and sexy! You're indeed an awesome model and actress...maintain your healthy lifestyle!nice photo!

Greetings friend, you are simply beautiful without anything else to narrow and it is beautiful to see such an exemplary girl where you do multi functions without becoming overwhelmed and it is good a rest since you deserve it, so in your programming stop at least once a week and try to go to a different site since I like to see your experiences, greetings.

Good thing you are beautiful and the pool is lovely that the background is negligible. It is wise to have a break once in a while. It is what keeps us sane from all the pressure around us.