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Children go through their childhood by playing and having fun. Playing makes children happy, growing positive cells in the child's brain.

The growth of the child's brain determines the volume of the child enjoying the playing period. It is better to play under adult supervision. This guidance and supervision is carried out in the home by the parents themselves and supervision outside the home by the playground environment and child care schools that are full of the world of education.

Child care is one of the solutions for families with parents having a busy work. This place is offered a lot to accommodate the problem of meeting the adequacy of children's play volume.

Family picnics are also good for growing brain intelligence, fostering a sense of togetherness and confidence in children. Outdoor play is good for physical and mental development of children. Physical development with children playing while running and using all playing facilities. Mental development by knowing, dealing with and socializing with the world around it. Socializing makes children grow a sense of togetherness. Getting to know the world outdoors makes children enjoy the natural surroundings, fresh air, shady trees and green grass where running knows the world.

The world outside the home makes children recognize objects in the environment, objects with various shapes, whether they are living things or inanimate objects.

Many outdoor children's play facilities are offered or furnished. Private parties or entrepreneurs prepare play destinations. The play destinations are offered at certain costs to enjoy the playground. There are also government facilities to add to the city tourism repertoire, these facilities are provided free of charge.

All children's play facilities outside the home, preferably with a clean and beautiful location. Because the location is clean and beautiful increases the intelligence of the child's brain.

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