Sunset at Sandbanks Summer Village, Ontario, CA

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20180620_202333_HDR (2).jpg

Sunset on the East Lake, as seen from the Sandbanks Summer Village beach.

- 🌅 -

We stayed only at a few places during our trip in Ontario in order to avoid moving too much. We wanted to have a calm and relaxing, albeit short, holiday. And we were very well served at a place called Sandbanks Summer Village, located in the Prince Edwards County. As the name suggests, it is very close to a the Sandbanks Provincial Park, only a few minutes away by car. There are big dunes and nice beaches there with yellow sand you would expect to see only seaside, but it's as-if, since it is Lake Ontario, one of the 5 Great Lakes in North America. If you were to wake up there having no memory of how you got there, you would be forgiven to think you were facing a sea. It is very impressive to think it's just a lake.


Lake Ontario, Sandbanks, West Lake and East Lake (bordered by the cottages)

There are different beaches to see there, and the following pictures are from the one we saw on our first trip to the Park. This is the one that borders the West lake, which is straight ahead when you enter the Park from the south east entrance.
See for yourselves how nice it looked (also it was very hot that daily!):

20180620_120213_HDR (2).jpg

I am not Sherlock Holmes, but it looks like someone makes sure that the sand stays at the same level each day!

20180620_123853 (2).jpg

White sand beach and transparent water in Ontario? ✔️

- 🌅 -

But as you can see from the main image, the best - to me - was the small private beach which had the sun setting down in front of you. It seems like it was a little bit off season, as for all of our nights there we were alone on the beach in the evening. I won't complain, it was perfect, as you'll see by the pictures.

But, what is this Summer Village? It is a very quiet place I would recommend to anyone. It consists in cottages that you can rent for one or more days, and even buy (I did not check the prices as I have no reason to trigger a heart attack so soon in my life).
In each cottage you have everything you need with regard to appliances, kitchen, BBQ, TV, internet, etc. Some maybe have an additional room, some are closer to the entrance, some closer to the beach, but apart from that, they look pretty much the same. Just bring your own food and beverages and you are set.

There is a family pool and an adult pool, for +18 only people. I've not been to the latter one, but I suppose this is to guarantee peace of mind and/or that you could buy alcoholic beverages.
Right next to the family pool, you have tennis and basketball courts, and a small park for children to play. What else would you need as a parent? My little guy just loved that place.

We had our cottage in the forest bordering the beach, only a 5 minutes walk away from the private beach. Once you get close, this is what you see:

20180620_200303_HDR (2).jpg

Picture taken a few seconds after arriving on site ; the colors were perfect, but unfortunately I only had my smartphone. Even then, I think it's quite nice with the sun casting these long shadows of the trees. I bet Indian Summer looks stunning there.

And the following pictures were taken on different evenings with varying degrees of lights. I liked them all, so here we go:

20180619_192709_HDR (2).jpg

20180619_190225_HDR (2).jpg

20180620_200841_HDR (2).jpg

Not my kiddo and honestly not calculated!

20180620_202310_HDR (2).jpg

We played a quick game of human-sized chess.

20180620_200433_HDR (2).jpg

As you might guess, I would definitely recommend this place if you want to spend a few quiet days around Lake Ontario!

Bonus: I think I once mentioned that I can speak Polish. While visiting the SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec) equivalent in Ontario, the LCBO, it made me chuckle to see one of my preferred Polish beers there in Picton, approximately 7000km away...

I guess this is one of the good things of global trade :-)

20180620_181844 (2).jpg

Żywiec, from a brewery of the same name, dating back to 1856! This is not your trendy recent micro-brewery!

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The Great Lakes are incredible aren't they? When we visited Toronto, it felt like the city was oceanside. Such a spin out. Looks like you guys had a lovely time!

Hey Jessica! Yes, it was truly an amazing place! Also, very quiet, and it allowed us to take a full rest in just a few days.

Sadly, we've yet to visit Toronto. I have heard a lot of good things about this city and it is only a matter of months before do such a trip. This time, we were very close but did not have enough time to visit both Ottawa and Toronto.
Also I did not mention it here, but we had a great time in Ottawa's Chinatown. I think we tried 4 different asian restaurants and all were great for cheaper prices than in Quebec City!

Hope everything is still goos for you guys in Mexico!

Ah cool. I really enjoy checking out Chinatown in different cities. We unfortunately missed it in Ottawa.

Yes all is well here. We've just arrived in Isla Mujeres. Still getting our bearings. It's very different to Tulum and can't figure out if I like it or not yet. Super touristy but very beautiful.

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