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Cooking is not a secret strategy.
If you want to taste Malaysian cheeses cake, you can get rid of this restaurant.
The root of this restaurant, which is connected to the banquet in the capital, is in Malaysia. Fair group business head KSM Mohit Ul Bari told the story of the arrival of this restaurant in Bangladesh.woman-1979272_960_720.jpg
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"The first branch of Malaysia's Secret Recipe restaurant is started on 11th October, 2010 at Chowdhury Para of Khilgaon. By 2020, the Secret Recipe is moving towards the goal of launching 50 branches in Bangladesh. At present there are nine branches in Khilgaon including Uttara, Shantinagar, Bailey Road, Green Road, Dhanmondi and Gulshan. More branches in Gulshan and Uttara are going to be opened. Restaurant sections are arranged in three categories - flagships, standard and express. "

This restaurant is open from 8am to 12pm. Indoor decoration is a nicotine. There are 85 people sitting in the room, there are WiFi.

The restaurant has given much attention to food and drinks in the food. Eight-piece cream cake, six-piece cheeses cake, three colors Brownie and 10-plus ice-cold tea and coffee. Four-legged coffee, six pods, lemonade, milkshake.
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The price of liquor starts from Tk.100 to a maximum of 340 taka.
New York cheeses are priced at Tk. 260 each, 1.2 kilos of 2 thousand 6 hundred rupees. Oreo cheeses cake - price is Rs.230, 1.2 kg 2 thousand 3 hundred rupees

Bari claims, "The highest selling is chocolate indigenous, the price is two hundred rupees. 1.2 kg 2 thousand taka There is also a chance to make your own choice of cakes by order, but you have to give it three days.

Bari said, "Not only cake, most of our food items are taken from outside the country. In particular, chicken meat is collected locally. Beef comes from Bengal Mittal, Marine Fish is providing Ronnoon Group, Coffee Bin comes from Barista LaVazza. We have employed three months training from Malaysian restaurant workers. "

Apart from cakes, you can also try different flavors of salad, soup, chicken, marine fish, pasta, steak etc. in various branches of this restaurant.
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Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting piece of info. I guess I too will have to try this place out, upon my visit there, sometime soon.

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Ara Malaysian cheeses cake tasty? must give it a try. at the first place I saw it as Malayalam cake? the indian state. :)@babara20

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Wow, where do you live? I want to taste your cooking, it's a wonderful art, it's a dish and not a food, especially the last dish. Figs salad

ahhahha --thnaks @chokriprojet --come some time my home --then taste my cooking

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