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My name is Jack, and I am from Far North Queensland, Australia. I have lived my entire life in Far North Queensland and absolutely love the beautiful remote lifestyle. I enjoy sport, nature, fishing, adventure, travel and creating videos among other things.

Lake Tinaroo, Far North Queensland.

In this part of the world, I am surrounded by nature and adventure is on my backdoor. One of my favorite pastimes is fishing, and thankfully there are no shortages of places to wet a line. Lake Tinaroo is a dam that holds over 400 000ML of water and home to some of the largest barramundi in the world. Barramundi are an exceptional fish, growing up to 1.5 meters and known for their 'barra dance' and their sensational eating.

5a 114.JPG
An inhabitant of Lake Tinaroo. This barra came in at 1.13m.

I also enjoy making fishing lures, which I see as not only having a practical use, but also as a form of art. I craft the lures from wood and drill a hole through to put the wire, attaching a swivel to the belly, adding hook to the back and underneath. I paint the lures before applying a resin to protect them from the elements.

One of my homemade fishing lures

I have traveled to many places around the world, including Africa, South America and Europe, along with Australia.

Pristine Magnetic Island
37b Machupicchu (3).jpg
Machu Picchu, South America

3j at gardner beach ,espanola (1).jpg
Galapagos Islands

Queenstown Skiing Fields, New Zealand

Granada, Spain


353 etosha plains zebras and springbok.JPG

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Hello from one Aussie to another!
I'm in QLD also and welcome to Steemit. Once you get your head around how it works it just start to flow.
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If you like check out my blog @tmyster and follow if you would like to. I take all my own photos from an iPhone with out any edits.
Let me know what you think & keep the post coming.

aha cheers. nice blog!

Welcome to steem nation

Welcome to steem nation

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to Steem @jackhoward21 I have upvoted and sent you a tip

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Wow.. what a wonderful place.. welcome to steemit bro..

Indeed it is!

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WOW! These are some incredible travel pictures. Good going. Looking forward for more!

Thanks :)

great photos so beautifull, that place is awesome. @jackhoward21

Thanks :)

Hello @jackhoward21 Great introduceyourself post and amazing photos!!

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Hi fellow Aussie! I'm also from QLD but living much closer to Brisbane. I'm very new as well, just having a look around before I post my own introduction. I've upvoted and followed you - loving your travel photos :)

I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Greetings from Romania!


Welcome, I hope you enjoy it here!


Welcome to the club guys @jackhoward21
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hi... nice to see you..
welcome in steem nation ..good luck ...
best wishes for many new follower and friends .. <3
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