Last rock standing

in travel •  3 months ago


A birds perspectiv on the old Mans beach in Canggu, Bali. Old Mans is a popular surf beach and also good for beginners because its mostly sandy grounds and no reef. but the only thing you should take care of is this rock!

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Wow nice view. You take the pictures with a drone?


yes with a dji mavic pro! you can see some drone footage from the trip here:

Nice footage and image. Love the over the top perspective :)

wow, looking so beautiful

Nice shot man! Would love to relax here for a day. Resteemed.

Impressive! What kind of drone do you use?

This shot is so epic @ivansnz

Beautiful view!!! love it!

Wow beautiful pictures, unmanned, good idea

Great drone shot! I am into drone photography, too, and will follow you to make sure not to miss anything. Please feel free to visit my channel for drone photography, too.