How to travel budget?

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How much?

You want to know how much it costs to travel around the world?
How much money do you need to travel?
How to calculate a travel budget for your road trip?
How much will you need?

Those are all questions we ask our self. We got this dream trip in mind. travelling around the globe. A trip to the northern lights. We can never predict with 100% precision how much a trip is going to cost but we can calculate how much we are going to need, precise enough to start saving money.
And while you are on the trip you have a plan to stick to. So you won't spend too much money enjoying what you have saved for.

Video explenation

How to calculate?

It is actually pretty simple. Simpler than it might look on the first sight. I tried to explain it as clear as possible, step by step, in the video above.

First you got to find out how much you will spend on a daily basis. You will eat daily. You will need a room to sleep in daily. You will perhaps use transportation daily?

When you have gathered the daily costs (i'll provide the resources later in this article) multiply them with the amount of days you will be on your trip.

Then you simply add the one time costs.
One time costs are for example plane tickets, tours you want to join, events or sights you are going to visit.
And that's it. You got a pretty precise budget of your planed trip, don't matter if its a world round trip or a weekend escape!
So the formula would be kind of like this:

[daily costs]*[amount of days traveling]+[one time costs] = travel budgets

Where to find out about the costs?

Nomadlist (food & accommodation)
Skyscanner (flights)
Bookings (accommodation)
Tripadvisor (tours & sights)
and use google to research specific costs.

How to travel?

Here i teach you some skills i learned after travelling for 3 years to different countries and continents. This should be interactive, if you have any question or something is not clear enough, place it in the comments. Perhaps ill even cover the topic in a video.

How to Travel index:
"How to Travel" Youtube playlist:


here i book flights:
here i book hotels:
more links:

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Your travel tips are great and very useful. One additional thought is using a credit card that doesn't charge fees to exchange money in a foreign country. These fees can become quite expensive. With CapitolOne MasterCard you won’t pay foreign transaction fees when making purchases outside the United States. Another similar card is Chase Mileage Plus Explorer VISA card. Another option is to have a Debit card that you can use at an ATM machine which draws money from your Checking account so you can have cash....but I always prefer using the above credit cards that don't charge exchange fees...with an ATM withdrawal, you'll pay exchange fees. Keep traveling and SAVE!


thanks im glad you appreciate the tips. great input. you can really save a lot of money using the right cash service. i will look into those and cover it in another post! in the future hopefully there will be a good travel cash crypto card ;)

I admit this is really helpful. Great


im glad this helped!

Nice advice to make a travel budget. Do you come from Switzerland?


Nice advice to make
A travel budget. Do you
Come from Switzerland?

                 - livecam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


im glad this inspired! yes im from switzerland, you too?


Yes me too. Hopp Schwiiiz

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