My 7 Favorite THAI Dishes 😋 Vegan Edition 💚

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Hello fellow Steemians 💚

As you might know, I’m traveling the world together with my boyfriend with an open end. Our first stop was Thailand where we stayed almost 8 months. I’m honest with you, one of the best things about traveling is the FOOD! As a food blogger I love culinary adventures and I have to say, Thailand has AMAZING FOOD 😍

In this post I share my 7 favorite Thai dishes with you - ENJOY 💚

1. Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

This is a spicy salad made from shredded green papaya and other veggies like white cabbage, grated carrots, green “snake beans” and tomato. The dressing is usually made of lime juice, hot chili, fish sauce, shrimp and palm sugar. For the vegan version just order it without shrimp and ask for soy sauce instead of fish sauce.

1. Papaya Salad.JPG

2. Panang Curry

I looove Thai Curry and there are so many different kinds: green, yellow, red, Massaman Curry, Panang Curry… Panang (or Phanaeng) curry is a type of thick red curry which is extremely rich in flavor. Usually this dish is made with meat but you can just ask for tofu or veggies only.

2. Panang Curry.JPG

3. Mango Sticky Rice

This is the most typical Thai dessert made of glutinous “sticky” rice, coconut milk and fresh mango. It tastes best in April and May when mangos are in season.

3. Mango Sticky Rice.JPG

4. Khao Soi

Khao Soi is a Burmese-influenced soup served in northern Thailand. It is a vegetable noodle soup and tastes similar to Massaman curry. Traditionally it is topped with crispy deep fried egg noodles but in vegetarian restaurants you can get the vegan version.

4. Khao Soi.JPG

5. Pad Thai

This fried rice noodle dish is typically made with tofu, bean sprouts, eggs and fish sauce topped with chopped roast peanuts. For the vegan version just ask for soy sauce instead of fish sauce and order the noodles without egg.

5. Pad Thai.JPG

6. Veggie Noodle Soup

I love noodle soup but most street stalls in Thailand serve their veggie soup with meat broth. Expecially in northern Thailand you can find many vegetarian restaurants (labelled with the number 17 which stands for vegetarian) you can get a vegan version of the Chinese style noodle soup. Unlike most of the other thai dishes, noodle soup is eaten with chop sticks.

6. Veggie Noodle Soup.JPG

7. Fried Morning Glory

Pak Boong or water morning glory is a spinach-like vegetable and one of Thailand’s most common greens. Stir fried morning glory is a must-eat because usually Thai Restaurants in Europe, North America, etc. don't serve it. It is usually seasoned with soy bean paste, chili, garlic, soy or oyster sauce. To make sure you get the vegan version ask for soy sauce only.

7. Fried Morning Glory.JPG

And what’s your favorite Thai dish? Can’t wait to read your comments below 😊

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Yummy... Ich habe echt hunger gehabt. Ich liebe asiatische küche und kann ich nicht abwarten, dass ich auch selbst machen können.

Danke :)


Danke liebe Dora, freut mich, dass dir der Post gefällt :) Vor allem das Essen in Thailand hat es uns angetan, aber hier in Kambodscha ist es auch echt lecker :)

I am a foodie traveler like you..... I like your post.... Nice..... Keep sharing..... I hv already followed you


How cool! Where are you now? Glad you like my post, I appreciate the support ♥


Actually I am from India..... And very much fond of Travelling & New Food..... U see my profile I just uploaded my recent trip. I think u liked it....


Ohh amazing, India is very high on my list and I can't wait to travel there. Maybe you have some tips in which regions I can find vegetarian/vegan food :) I'll check it out for sure!

Very nice.... Now I am hungry.


Hehe thanks :)

Yuuuuuyyyy!!! Thai Food is definitely one of my favorite ones 😋
I just 💚it!


Hehe thanks :) Which one is your favorite? I think you'd love Khao Soi ♥


You guessed just right 😉


Great post as always. Looks delicious. I think I'm hungry now. haha. :D


Thanks so much :) Hehe, I hope you're in Thailand or you have a Thai restaurant close by :p

Yummie! Sieht alles sooo lecker aus? Wo muss ich hin, um eine Portion zu bekommen? 😋


Hihi danke dir :) Nach Thailaaand! Am besten in den Norden nach Chiang Mai ♥

Hmmmm Thai food!! Pad Thai and Som Tam are my favorites! Great post and beautiful pics! Steem on ;)


Thanks so much, I'm happy you liked my post ♥
My little cafe makes amazing papaya salad :D


Thanks for the tip ;)

YEEEEEEESSS!!! So glad to see good Vegan dishes!!!! I've recently decided to stop eating meat and this makes it easier!


YAY #veganpower :) Happy to inspire you a bit ♥