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My sister and I took a stroll at the south rim of the Markagunt plateau:

  1. Where the Virgin River begins.
  2. Beneath the rim.
  3. Me with Bristlecone Pine. FB_IMG_1506576794164.jpgFB_IMG_1506576780969.jpg Trip to Sidney Peaks in the Markagunt Plateau with my sister. Short stop at Cedar Breaks National Monument on the way:
  4. My sister
  5. Me
  6. Sidney Valley Road
  7. Burnt Forest
  8. North Sidney Peaks (11,017 ft.) from Middle Sidney Peak at 11,060 ft. FB_IMG_1506576886913.jpgFB_IMG_1506576898546.jpgFB_IMG_1506576891832.jpgFB_IMG_1506576889429.jpg
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thx for sharing