My flight from Denmark to Greenland ✈️ ❄️

in #travel • 4 years ago

Dear Steemers! 😊

I flew from Denmark to Greenland this thursday. I made a video for you, and I hope you will like it. 🎥

My husband drove me to Aalborg airport in the morning, and we said goodbye to each other. He is staying in Denmark while I am writing my thesis in Greenland. I will be in Nuuk, Greenland in 3 months and I am exited to start writing my thesis.

Here is my travel:

  • Randers to Aalborg with car - 1 hour
  • Aalborg to Copenhagen - 40 minutes
  • Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq - 4 hours 45 minutes
  • Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk - 50 minutes.

This picture is taken from my little brothers apartment

Here is the video, enjoy!

If you like my post, feel free to upvote, comment and resteem my post! ❤️


how beautiful is groelandia, one day I have to go to visit it because I really like the cold. Following

You are welcome to visit 😃

I followed you also.

Thank you, how gentle you are!

definitivamente es hermoso..
eres toda una luchadora, sigue asi. tus sueños los veras realidad y animo con tu tesis.
seras la mejor!!!

All white. Looks so amazing and even more amazing with free food. :)

Free food is always good 😃 It is very amazing to be back.

greenland should be a great place to visit :)
Enjoy! Upvoted!

It is! Thank you @miguelportela.

I have followed you :)

Upvoted! Love it, really nice post, would love to see Greenland one day. keep sharing like most of your post

You are so welcome to visit Greenland, and let me know if you ever come to Greenland :)

Followed you 🌟

Thanks, i traveled for four years and post about it now. for now back in Amsterdam thinking about my next step, saw you just visited Amsterdam, hope you liked it!

Wow! for four years? Sounds amazing! I will definitely see your post.

We were in Amsterdam in 2016, and it was great! I love Amsterdam. 😊

I've always wanted to go to Greenland! Sounds like a lot of travelling, but definitely worth it!!

Then you know who you can contact if you ever travel to Greenland. 😃

Yes, there is a lot of traveling. There is only one airline company who flies to Greenland.

great! have fun there :)

Thank you 😄🙏🏻

The place is beautiful. With free food it just makes it more amazing.

Yes, it is so beautiful! and it gets better with free food 😄

Nice video and the photo looks.. frozen, haha :) have fun there and good luck with your thesis!

Thank you @danchita 😃

best regards from me masterstick for you inuk hopefully be a good friend

Dear @abnisyabdi
Thank you for your kind comment 😊 Good friends!

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