Atlanta Downtown Dinner at Polaris - rotating restaurant 22 stories in the air - the blue dome fine dining

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The DTube Video above, will show you the "Willy Wonka" style elevator that takes you up to this amazing place to eat and see the Atlanta Skyline. It's only 30 seconds.
The inner core of the restaurant stays still. The guests are seated on a ring that rotates counterclockwise, although I did ask if it could turn clockwise and the answer was yes, but it never does. Go figure. This gives you a 360 degree view of Atlanta, as you dine.
20180907_200156.jpg So it looks like this image above and if you take a step or two toward the window, you can get a nice shot like this...
Another view...
You can see the inside of the restaurant seemingly moving around you, but you are actually the one moving internally. At one point, I could see this, just steps from our table.
And then another look out the window...Not my best shot, getting some light glare....
We started off with a cheese board...
Took in some more views while still seated at the same spot....
I really like how this picture came out.
And the internals continue to rotate too. Now you can see the cooks and chef and a duck on saw or press machine.
There was actually honeycomb with honey on that cheese board up above, you can see their honeycomb that the are slicing it right off from in this view.
This view is cool because you can see the reflection of the dome building that we are in across in the other building I am looking at.
The main lobby
Steak Oscar for me. The bowl has crab meat and asparagus in it. I wouldn't have thought to put them together like that but I ate the whole thing. It was great.
Scallops on barley beds with broccoli rabe for her...
Another view of the kitchen coming around again...
After about 2 hours and about 2 rotations, dinner was over.
Hope you enjoyed the many views. I will have a few posts up about Atlanta this week as this wasn't my only stop.

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Nice angle to take the pictures from. Restaurant looks fancy, food looks good though.

Yes I had some good angles on my pictures for sure. It was a fancy experience. I had never eaten in a rotating restaurant. I've heard of a few that I could visit but never made a reservation. This one was great. The server was great too.

"Willy Wonka" style elevator are specify looking strange to got it

You got a nice woman there... im envious

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The thumbnail showed boobs, false advertising. I'll never get those 25 seconds of my life back.

The end of the post showed them too though, so it wasn't a total bait and switch, was it? I apologize. Here are the stills...
The one in the video preview.....Can we settle out of court with that? :)

I'll take the upvote to this as an acceptable settlement @mrfringe and I am going to follow you now as well. I like your appreciation of the finer things. It is something we have in common. :)

Thanks for the follow. If you like the finer things check this out.

My voting power is too low right now for a worthy upvote for that but I sent it anyway. Very nice. Steepshot is another thing I have to explore here too. I haven't even looked at it until just now.

Haha! I was joking about the false advertising, I couldn't find any interesting videos to watch so I have to keep myself amused by making childish comments on things that catch my eye. Do you know her an does she know you were paparazzing them bad boys? Just delegate all your steem to me and we call it quits.

Do I know her? I am in the picture with her in the post...She is my girlfriend of 5+ years. We live together and we were out in Atlanta for a wedding for someone in her family. We live in Philly. If you look at my blog, you'll find other photos of her and I together. I don't think she noticed that I did the paparazzi move for that picture, but I don't think she'd mind. That outfit was basically awesome. It was a lace up the front and back thing. I forget what the official name for those things are called. I told her she can only wear it out to dinner and clubs with me present. No going out with friends or whatever wearing that. That outfit is like a magnet for attention. I appreciate your sense of humor. It's good find some good people on here by accident. @mrfringe

Thanks for the vote, every little helps. I'm a minnow so my votes are worthless. I just had a look at blog post, didn't see the other pics except the link pics on comment before because I watched video on DTube. You are a lucky guy.

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Yes I am. She is great. We have had many adventures together and will have many more. There are other pictures around my blog and will be more this week.

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Thanks for having a look. Glad you enjoyed the posting. It took me a good hour or more to put this all online.

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Hey, thanks very much. This would be my first time to actually make the trending page. I appreciate your interest and bringing it to my attention. I'm trying to do everything I can to help steemit with some decent content and build my account in the process.

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The domes are simply gorgeous !!! And the restaurant too. @cleverbot

They certainly are, aren't they?

This is yes


Thanks for having a look. Glad you like what you see.

love the views

Que bueno por ti! Espero hayas disfrutado mucho también.

Good Photo

Definitely more than one good photo, but thank you.

wtf ??

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What a great evening! The view is really shocking. The dishes made my mouth water. Congratulations.

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The food looks so tasty and healthy.

It actually was very good and healthy. The steak itself was only 5 little slices that were about 1.5 inch squares at most. The crab and asparagus was really the most surprising and delicious thing that I had, oddly. I really didn't expect that.

Nice shots .. the food looks like it was tasty.

I was just checking out your blog earlier. I didn't get around to commenting on some things. I'm trying to keep up with as many loyal people as possible, like yourself. I like the idea that you run contests too @rentmoney - I might try to do one someday too. The food was great. It was definitely the best meal I had there and that includes the food that I had at the wedding that I was there to attend.

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Just a few more photos I missed. I don't know if I should edit the original post and lose views vote values so I will just put them here.
My girlfriend just before we ordered anything and were just seated.
The fancy little table or workstation that was right behind me.
Just the logo on the wall looked cool.

Also - my next post about this Atlanta trip was posted just an hour ago here: