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So here’s the update. I now have a firm date for moving day which is November 15, 2018. That’s the day that, on, by or before, I hit the road full time and swing into a fully mobile life. After being in nearly a homesteading situation on 6 acres for 6 years, it’s time to answer the call of the road. No more laundry on site, it will be casual conversations in laundromats for me. I kinda like the smell of laundromats too!

Yes, there will be some conveniences that I am giving up, but I’ve been feeling the need for change for a long time now. I hope I will have time to document this journey. Part of me wants more freedom from being online too so I may be offline more and just prepare many posts at a time and release them regularly to be more efficient and have longer periods of mental freedom from things like discord, the blockchain, instagram and more more more more more more more. Always more, another new thing, something terrific, a new interface a new project.

Yes I’m one to talk for sure. Always dreaming up new projects. Well I may need to give my own self a good talking to lol.

I have a pretty good storage situation. I bought this trailer for a very good price. It does need some repairs which I’m going to take care of in the next few weeks, but even with those costs factored in, I will still be coming out way ahead.

This week I will be putting the pedal to the metal for selling and donating things I don’t want or use.

Interesting times ahead!

@iNomad as @TheBugIQ


Sounds incredibly exciting. Wow, wish I could do something like this. The best of luck with this unbelievable journey that you will remmeber the rest of your Life :)

Going to basics it is! So cool that you already have the date! And it's still a few months that you can use to prepare your new life. You seem to be very food with planning :)

Oh man I can almost smell the laundromat and freedom from here!

Maybe a quick steepshot post to keep us up to speed on your adventures?

Kinda jealous!

Seriously Zeke that's a great suggestion. I'll have to check out Steepshot. Something quick and dirty but still good content in the form of ambush updates! Thanks buddy :D

(Buy a SteemPet before the price goes up, you'll be glad you did!) ;)

you gonna veer over the line and come down south at all?

Not until there is a change of management and fellow canucks are not being detained, finger printed and digital info raped at the border. But sure I would love to visit.

Seems legit

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