Home Ownership ~ The Great Swindle

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Home Ownership ~ The Great Swindle

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So I was living my very own casino game where the house always wins. I bought into the ‘dream’ of home ownership and was living in a home that could be worth more or less than I bought it for, and I was on the hook if I ended up in an upside down mortgage.

Like a cuckoo bird shamelessly expects other birds to raise its young, the bankers expected me to insure and maintain a home we co-owned. Furnace blew? Boo hoo. No bankers in sight. Missed something on the home inspection? Boo hoo, it’s your problem now. Better bring that electrical up to code before we call the city.

The epic swindle made me sick. And I did go back to renting. The deal I have had for the last six years has been just great. Very affordable and yet it really anesthetized me to the need for meaningful change.

The dream of home ownership and a Leave It To Beaver white picket fence of marital bliss was sold to a populace over decades by banking systems and governments as a means to pacify their populace and enslave them financially to keep them working and madly producing income in order to do anything to keep from losing a home that will never be theirs. And they try to keep you in one place by making it illegal to have officially issued government ID without a fixed address.

If there is one thing I do not like in this life, it’s being pushed around. As Jason Scott Lee said in his portrayal of Bruce Lee’s story Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story. ‘Don’t touch me.’ ‘Or what?’ ‘I’ll touch you back.’ I don’t think anyone likes a bully. I understand the need for reasonable rules and regulation. What I do not subscribe to is the methodical and intentional financial slavery of a population by money and debt. We are most of us all in debtor's prison. The only difference now is we get to walk around while we’re in jail.

For most people, living in a home in a fixed location makes a lot of sense. I am knocking it quite a bit but I’m not knocking having a home. I’m raging against systems that enslave people to them, and regulations that allow it to be taken away from people after a lifetime of effort. And what about being afraid to go to a hospital, like many of my American friends are, because they are more terrified of the unknown, unquantifiable cost of a test, procedure or serious operation. A home can be lost to medical expenses. Is a life priceless? Apparently not. It seems a life can be broken down into various costs.

For my sister and my brother who work fixed location jobs in Canada it makes a lot of sense for them to live in what I call an AB situation. They live at A and commute to B to work and then back to A. So it’s really ABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABA infinity. My new life will be simply A. My home will be with me at all times. I’m not running away from home, I’m not running back to a home, I’m running away with my home plain and simple.

Digital Nomads can do just fine with online work and there are MANY online jobs that people can do to make money. I think a lot of people have the idea of a much more free existence where you can work less and play more. I may have found this for myself. I’ll let you know how it goes.

If I were giving advice to anyone young who would be willing to listen, I would advise them to consider a mobile living situation with a plan to save a ton of money in order to buy the property or home they want OR whatever other dream they love! There will always be a good deal to be found when the time comes to buy. And the myth of being left behind or missing out by not buying now is harshly balanced by millions of people who got caught in that trap and lost it all when the housing bubble popped.

The real secret to success in this life? Don’t owe anybody anything. Never pay interest on anything for any reason. Never take advantage of 50% off sales. Stay home and save 100%. You’ll realize soon enough that you didn’t need that anyway, OR you came up with a better and FAR cheaper DIY solution. Grow in knowledge and never be afraid to take a chance or make a change.

Feel free to check out my main blog @thebugiq

Have an awesome day, it's the only one we have.



Good points. Also I wonder if anyone really owns any property after property tax is introduced. You "own" when you can afford to pay the property tax which really means you are really a renter.

I can agree with that @oldman28. It's disheartening when everywhere you turn a pound of flesh is the price. I play music for a living and I play a lot for seniors and I think one of the reasons they love seeing kids so much is because they want to be one again LOL. To go back to a time when you just played with toys, ate the meals made for you and fought to stay awake to do it all over again the next day.

It's ok though, growing is part of living. I just want to simplify my life again.

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